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Also short for Josephine or Joanna.
WhitePhantom  3/9/2008
This name is also used for females in Dutch and Limburgish, where it can not only be a short form of the names already mentioned in the description, but also of Marjolein.

But, this name is also often used on males, both in Dutch and Limburgish. In those cases, the name is often a short form of Johannes and Joseph. In a way, think of it as the Dutch and Limburgish form of the all-American name Joe.
Lucille  10/18/2008
As a name prefix, male & female, it means "YHVH-...," that is, God's proper name in the Jewish Bible.

Examples include: JOhannah, JOhn, JOnathan, etc.
Sabertooth  7/30/2016

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