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This is pronounced "zho-ah-kee". It can also be spelled as Joaquin.
-- tigerlilly  1/10/2007
Tigerlily's correct, it's "zho-ah-kee". I mostly hear it pronounced zho-AH-kee, with a slight "n" sound at the end, but that's hard to get (or even hear for a lot of people) unless you're familiar with the Portuguese language.

It is not to be confused with the Spanish JOAQUÍN, pronounced "wah-KEEN", like Joaquin Phoenix.
-- Schezar  2/13/2008
I've heard it pronounced wah-keem. The Amish pronounce it yo-kuhm.
-- leananshae  12/25/2007
Unfortunately, I think the cruel among children would find this name fun to pronounce, joke-um.
-- leananshae  12/25/2007
The Portuguese pronunciation is [zhoo-uh-KIN] (the final 'im' has a nasal sound, identical to the first syllable in the English word "king").
-- SugarPlumFairy  4/22/2010
It's better than Joaquin (which sounds like walkin'), but I still wouldn't name my kid this, partly because of Joakim Noah.
-- Quamalamalam  12/21/2013
Portuguese pronunciation: [Zhoo-a-keem]. Even though the name "looks"/spelled similar to Joaquin (Spanish), Joaquim (Portuguese) is a completely different name and is often confused with Joaquin.

English (American) pronunciation: [Jo-Kwim] the "a" is silent.
-- carelctr284  9/5/2014
Joaquim can also be the Spanish form of Jehoiakim:

Joaquim can also be the Portuguese form of Jehoiakim and of Jehoiachin:
- Jehoiakim: (variant forms = Jeoaquim, Jeoiaquim)
- Jehoiachin: (variant form = Jeoaquin).
-- Lucille  2/12/2016

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