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It sounds like the name of a ditzy country girl with pig tails to me, so that is all I can see. Because of that association being so strong, I can't like JoBeth.
XironDarkstar  5/5/2018
That's not a bad name at all.
ronaldshrum  5/13/2016
Background actress and well known Gothic artist, Jobeth Wagner.
firestar11  8/10/2015
Meaning and history:
A combination of Joe and Beth.

I think that speaks for itself...
Gio123  10/12/2013
This name sounds very Little Women-ish to me. When I saw it I immediately thought of Jo and Beth March.
ALOF10  7/31/2011
This is very, very forced. Can the creativity attempts get any worse?
Athena Nike  3/19/2010
Yuck. This sounds like a great name for a redneck.
bananarama  10/7/2009
JoBeth Williams, American actress and director.
Kossie  5/5/2009
My mother's name is Josephine Elizabeth and she's been "JoBeth" her whole life. So, to me it's not a weird name at all. It's just like a Mary Jo or JoAnne.
FuschiaNicole  2/20/2009
This doesn't sound right at all. It actually sounds kind of masculine despite the ''beth''. This is one of the ugliest names I've seen.
slight night shiver  6/10/2008
An existing, but very uncommon, name in Sweden is Josabeth. I've met one woman by that name, and most people have never heard it and believe it to be made up when they do.
But it is quite old, and there was a painter in Stockholm, Madame Josabeth. There's a set of stairs named after her in Stockholm.
Elphi  1/24/2006

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