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My name is Joella too! I pronounce it like Jo Ella even though it is spelled as one word. I find that spelling it as one word is the most unusual. I'm over 50 and always considered my name kind of old fashioned. I also don't have a middle name, which makes my first name more special. I certainly don't think it is a trashy name. Some nicknames I am called are; Jo, Joey, JoJo, and Ell. Nice to see there are other Joella's out there.
JOELLAW66  4/30/2018
We named our daughter Joella (now 13 years ago) as i) my wife knew a woman with this unusual name and ii) I am a Steely Dan fan and hoped her nickname would be "Josie". She didn't turn out to be a "Josie", though, and uses nicknames "Jo" and "JoJo" but these are cool as well (especially if you are more of a Boz Scaggs fan). So we are very happy with the name that is very unusual with flexible nicknames but not weird, which is hard to come by.

I really can't believe how incredibly rare this name is, but I consider it a huge bonus!
elinder  3/13/2018
Guys, this is my name- I thought I was the only one. I'm happy now.
JoElla  3/7/2018
This name is absolutely not trashy :) and I pronounce it Jo-ella like there is meant to be a hyphen.
joellab2890  8/7/2015
Pretty and uncommon. Certainly not trashy - no Biblically-derived name is trashy!
Just Jonquil  8/20/2012
I love the name, Joella. It's different and easy to say, and it is my name. I also consider it famous! There was a woman named Joella back about the time of the civil war, who helped to free slaves. I'd tell you her last name but it actually is the same as mine! If you knew it you could google it and see, I'm telling the truth!
joella2909  9/27/2008
Actually, it's supposed to be pronounced like the name Joel with an "a" at the end.
cloudyaiden  10/14/2007
This name is okay. But it seems a little trashy. I prefer Ella.
Taydbug112  5/21/2007
Great name and what's more the nickname could be Ella anyway so there's your soloution. And fyi I don't think it sounds trashy at all.
Koolgal  6/9/2007
I love this name! It's my mom's name and it rocks! You don't meet someone with the name JoElla everyday now do you? ^_^
AxTaintedxMemory  1/11/2007

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