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Jolana´s pet forms are Jolie, Jola, Jolanka, Jolík, Jolina, Jolanta, Jo. Pronounced as "Yoh-lah-nah".
Karcoolka  4/11/2007
It´s a Slovak variant of the Greek name Helena. It means "light". Or it´s from the Hungarian word "Jóleán" = "good, cool girl".
Karcoolka  5/27/2007
Pronounced as "Yaw-lah-nah".
Maggie_Simpson  6/2/2007
It´s Slovak, not Czech!
Ronja  6/22/2007
Jolana is character from the Slovak movie "Ružové sny" (Pink Dreams). She was played by Iva Bittová.
Ronja  12/4/2007
Jolana means violet.
― Anonymous User  7/24/2008
It comes from the Hungarian word jó leán, which means "good girl".
Meg_Simpson  11/17/2011

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