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Came from the Arabic Jamila (Pretty) جميلة.
― Anonymous User  3/22/2018
It sounds nice but the person named Jolie will regularly be subject to prejudice for having such a name. "Your parent/s must have been pretty vacuous to have come up with that name." "Jolie by name but not Jolie by nature." If Jolie is a name then why not Precious, Wonderful, Delicious, Opal, Fantastic, Priceless. Onomatopoeia, that sounds nice. Names of flowers work. Umm... not so sure anymore about all this.
Finknottle  10/27/2017
The name Jolie is well placed because I believe all names are forms of words. I named my daughter Jolie not because of what you mentioned in these comments but just the meaning. After all, there are some names like Peter (meaning stone) in Greek and there are other names given after animals, buildings etc. Jolie means a nice thing and besides it means Origin, cheerful, or pretty. Think about your name and its meaning. It may mean something more dangerous than any other names.

My name is Charles but it means a more terrible thing (man, army or warrior) than I thought. So just drop all this negativity.
dukuk  10/2/2017
My daughter is named Jolie after her grandfather who was in failing health when her mom became pregnant. He always wanted a grandchild to be named after him and this was his last chance. His name was Joe Lee. We had never heard of this name before as a first name and couldn't care less about the actress. For us it was a modified version of Julie that represented her grandfather. He passed away when she was 18 months old.
Joliesdad  12/9/2016
What a nice name!
― Anonymous User  4/7/2016
My sisters name is Joleigh but is pronounced the same way. I personally love this name.
Channing02  3/30/2016
This is such a nice name! I really like it and may use it some day.
― Anonymous User  3/9/2016
My name is Jolie. I was named after my parent's' sailboat 'The Jolie'. I hated my name growing up since virtually no one had heard of it. As an adult I love having a unique name. And thanks to Angelina Jolie most people can spell my name and don't call me Julie or Jolene as much. Lol! Also, if you look into anyone's name, as far as my limited knowledge goes, they all (okay, not literally all) have a meaning in some language or were derived from some word or other.
Of course it's popular now-a-days to give very unique names taken from the first name of your mother and father put together somehow (i.e.: Angel and Jack name their daughter Jagel).
Missus-Zippy  2/12/2016
My friend is named Jolie and she is the first person I have ever heard of with this name (other than Angelina) she told me the meaning of her name proudly and she loves her name. She is so bouncy and full of life and has beautiful golden hair. It suits her perfectly.
al84  12/20/2015
Jolie is a good name. I love it.
7022ilovejesus  8/9/2015
Hi, my name is Jolie and I am sick of people judging people whose names mean something like beautiful or pretty, but I am happy that some people are nice and say that my name is cool... but just saying, you should really think before you say that someone's name is bad or they should not have it.
― Anonymous User  7/8/2015
I have a beautiful daughter and her name is Jolie Jacqueline. People love her name. I do love my pretty girl and her name too.
Jolie2003  7/26/2014
I quite like it as a name. Many names have other uses or meanings outside of the English language so I don't think that it makes much difference. My sisters name is Zolie as our parents liked Jolie but wanted us all to have Z names, theres definitely worse things to be called :)
zephie_d  9/25/2013
My husband is Joe and I'm Shelly, so I would love to name our daughter Joelly. But I hate that Jolie is becoming so trendy and if one person asks if she's named after Angelina I'll scream.
― Anonymous User  9/7/2013
Jolie is a beautiful name, (no pun intended). I know someome w/ this name, and I can't tell you how immensely jealous I am.
A. Person  4/20/2013
American actress Jolie Vanier (born 1998 in Scottsdale, Arizona).
― Anonymous User  8/10/2012
I, personally, love the name. I kind of have to, seeing as my name is almost exactly the same, except spelled differently (Jolee).
― Anonymous User  7/20/2010
I personally think Jolie sounds kind of corny as a name. It would look pretty obvious that the parents are obsessed with Angelina Jolie. Still, it's not as bad as some other celebrity-inspired names like Kanye or Miley.
bananarama  4/6/2010
It sounds best in French, I don't like it as a name though. Like some people have said people will always say "Oh like Angelina Jolie?". It is a nice nickname for Jolene though.
Alora  1/30/2010
I don't like this as a middle or first name on a person, but on an animal I like it. Of course if you named her Jolie people would say "Oh Like Angelina?" Or even a middle name people will be like "Did you get the idea from Angelina?". I do like Angelina Jolie, and I like both her names!
italiannames  12/31/2009
I like this name. Bonnie and Bonita mean "pretty" as well, and outside of Scotland and Spain they've been adopted as names, so why not Jolie? It's the feminine form of the word, and at least it doesn't mean something weird, like Chanté. I'm not sure about using it, but I do like this name. The French pronunciation sounds very elegant and soft, and this is the rare time that the English pronunciation sounds pretty too.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2009
Jolie Gabor was the mother of the famous Gabor sisters: Magda, Zsa Zsa, and Eva.
bananarama  7/9/2009
I like this name, though if I ever name a girl this, I'd spell it Joliet, the 't' is silent. I think it looks more complete.
_0TophasNails_1  12/2/2008
I have a niece named 'Joliet' with a silent 't' in it. I think it looks more complete somehow. I like the French pronunciation but we call her "JOH-lee" because it's easier.
― Anonymous User  11/30/2008
I agree with not naming your kid "pretty" or "beautiful" (I happen to not like Belle or Bella, either), but I think that Jolie as a middle name is pretty.
erb816  11/24/2008
It's velvety as zho-LEE, the French pronunciation, but spry and sparkly as jo-LEE.
EmilyOlive  5/6/2008
It's too bad Angelina Jolie has inspired people to use this silly little name. People will assume that girls named Jolie were named after her, and that seems tacky. It means 'pretty' in French, so in French-speaking areas, people will surely find it amusing.
slight night shiver  4/25/2008
This "name" is just a word in France. Yet many non-French have adopted it and used it, so outside of France it is a legitimate name. I think it's, excuse me, "pretty". I live in France, otherwise I'd add it to my favorites.

If you're interested in pretty French words that can serve as names outside of France, consider a phonetic spelling of "gentil" -- the word for "nice" -- pronounced: jawn-TEE; or "mignonne" -- the feminine word for "cute" and/or "small" -- pronounced: mee-nyohn; or "petite" -- the feminine word for "little" -- pronounced: puh-teet.
leananshae  12/18/2007
I think Jolie is a nice name, but I wouldn't name my child it.
― Anonymous User  8/16/2007
A painting by Picasso is entitled, "Ma Jolie (Woman with a Guitar)."
shazayum  7/13/2007
I like the name Jolie, I may have even named my daughter this. However, I think people couldn't get past the connection with Angelina Jolie. Angelina Jolie is very pretty though.
Keira  6/1/2007
I think this name is cute.
elysa  3/14/2007
I do see why some people are aganist this name, Linda also means pretty in Spanish and it's a name. For crying out loud, Dolores is a name and it means "pains". I think Jolie is a nice name, especially pronounced the French way.
michi_vane  1/13/2007
I like it the French pronunciation, it sounds more elegant.
bellaboo  11/2/2006
Famous bearers: Jolie Richardson and Joley Fisher.
iamkristen  6/2/2006
I love this name so so much, because it's mine! I don't think there's anything wrong with the meaning, it's pronounced differently in French anyway so there isn't much confusion.
Jewls  2/1/2006
Jolie is the name of my niece. And I believe that the name can just describe her as a "beautiful" person. Not necessarily her looks.
Alene82  9/28/2005
I don't see why some people are so against Jolie as a name just because it's the word for beautiful in French. What about Belle and Bella? These names are very popular yet they mean beautiful in French and Italian as well. Just think about it. There are so many names out there that are also a specific word. I mean, think about English words that we use as names: Grace, Hope, Harmony, Heaven, Charity, Faith, etc. The list goes on and on. I personally don't think there's anything wrong with having or giving someone names like these. Truthfully, I think they're all rather charming!
miraclegirl80  7/2/2005
This is the surname of actress Angelina Jolie.
― Anonymous User  4/20/2005
Actually, Jolie is Angelina Jolie's middle name. Her full name is Angelina Jolie Voight.
― Anonymous User  5/5/2005
To the above comments above me regarding Angelina Jolie. Yes, her full name WAS Angelina Jolie Voight, but when she went to college, she legally dropped her last name and made her middle name her last. So technically speaking, her last name is legally Jolie. And I personally love the name.
― Anonymous User  7/8/2007
In response to the above comments about Angelina Jolie, even though Jolie is her middle name (sorry, my mistake), she treats it as her surname, since she isn't known as Angelina Voigt.
― Anonymous User  1/6/2006
This "name" is not used as a name in France, joli (male form) and jolie (female form) mean "beautiful" in French. They are words, not names. I think this word shouldn´t be used as a name, after all you don´t name your child Beautiful or Pretty. She would have problems if she´d ever go to France.
― Anonymous User  4/14/2005
To whoever said that people don't name their children "beautiful"; I have a close fiend called Beauty. Her sister is called Chastity and her brother is called Honour, because they are virtues that their mother holds close to her.
hana  2/28/2006
This name doesn't exist in France.
Miss Claire  2/15/2005

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