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Jonna sounds simple and sweet. Uncommon but not unusual. Very Swedish.
― Anonymous User  5/9/2006
Ville Valo's on/off fiance is called Jonna.
― Anonymous User  1/7/2007
The Dutch pronunciation is YAWN-nah:.
X-Mar  10/19/2007
I really think this name is a bit too youthful for grown-ups. It's very common in my age group (I was born in 1985), and women named Jonna are going to wish they had a more mature name by the time they're 40, I'm sure.
slight night shiver  6/10/2008
Jonna Löfgren of Boden, Northern Sweden was announced as the newest drummer in the lineup of "Glasvegas", an alternative Scottish rock band in 2010.
commonlyuncommon  3/14/2011
Jonna Mannion was a contestant on MTV's The Real World Cancun.
thepittsburghgirl  2/25/2013
This name is also used in English as a feminine form of John, pronounced JAHN-ah.
shadow1999  1/5/2014
Also Low German, Norwegian, Faroese usage.
Sofia  7/26/2014
I'm starting to like this name a lot. Except I like it as a feminine form of Jonathan or John and pronounced JAHN-ah.
DundiculutNicholas  2/19/2017

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