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An old classmate named Jonny pronounced the 'Jo' as 'Yah'.
― Anonymous User  2/3/2005
Jonny Buckland is the lead guitarist of the greatest band in the world, Coldplay! I love you Jonny! :D
FyreHydenGirth  1/27/2007
As a side note, Jonny Buckland's real name is Jonathan Mark Buckland.
― Anonymous User  8/9/2013
Jonny is short for Jonathan as well. The entry for Jonny at the moment only notes that it is a variant of Johnny.
[noted -ed]
davidkazuhiro  1/30/2007
Jonny Greenwood is a member of the British band, Radiohead. He plays the guitar among many numerous instruments.
scholasticastewart  11/11/2007
Jonny Labey (born as John William Labey) is an actor known for playing Paul Coker in EastEnders.
― Anonymous User  7/16/2015
Jonny Quest is a media franchise that revolves around a boy named Jonathan "Jonny" Quest who accompanies his father on extraordinary adventures. The franchise started with a 1964–1965 television series and has come to include two subsequent television series, two television films, and three computer games.
Gregory Woodrow  8/1/2015

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