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I like this spelling for a girl.
mum2bubba  10/26/2005
This is one of my daughters' middle name. I spelled it like this because both of daughters have y's in their names. But no one would let me "misspell" Samantha so I had to change Jordyn instead.
babydal  11/23/2005
Using a 'y' in the place of the unstressed vowel in a masculine name doesn't make it sound any more feminine, and it just looks like something young, immature parents would pick to make it appear ''cuter''. This name doesn't sound good on grown women, no matter how masculine or indie they are. Plus, the spelling could lead to credibility issues in this classist world.
slight night shiver  4/25/2008
The Duggar's 18th child, born in 2008, bears this name. Her full name is Jordyn-Grace Makiyah Duggar.
― Anonymous User  12/18/2008
The 'y' makes it look strange and made up. Jordana is much, much prettier than this.
― Anonymous User  7/19/2009
I love this spelling of the name for a girl. It sounds to pretty and since I love the name Jordan, it works very well. It doesn't necessarily mean you're an immature parent that thinks it's "cute". It really works. I would love to name a future daughter of mine this.
MeMyselfAndEye  1/14/2010
I really like this name! I say this spelling as JOR-din, while Jordan as JOR-dan, and I like the IN ending more, I would consider it, but it doesn't sound good with my other favourite girl names :(
gabbygrace1915  11/24/2010
As Jordan is a unisex name, it seems redundant to feminise it.

I've never quite understood why putting a Y in a name instantly makes it "feminine". Is Harry a "feminine" name because it ends in a Y?
keepitreal  1/29/2011
Jordyn Wieber is one of the U.S. gold medal winning gymnasts in the 2012 Olympics.
bibi66  8/1/2012
I am an American female named Jordyn. I was born in 1988, a year before the "Y" spelling debuted on the Social Security Administration's list and ten years after "Jordan" as a female name appeared on the list at all. Here are some of my notes on the name:

1. My mother fell in love with the name after reading an article in the January 1981 issue of Good Housekeeping. Debby Boone and her SON Jordan graced the cover. She thought it would be a cute name for a girl. Go figure.

2. Obviously my mother chose the spelling. She felt it was more feminine. As of 2009, the "Y" spelling is more popular for girls, but it's still a pain in the ass to spell it constantly. I have hope the "Y" spelling will eventually be common place.

3. I used to dislike my name, thinking it too masculine, but since the rise of unisex names, I am less self conscious about it. It took me 21 years to get to this place. I feel am "just girly enough" to pull it off.
JoReia  4/22/2013
I always thought this spelling to be ugly, childish, trendoid, and tacky. Contrary to trendy belief, a Y does nyt myke a nyme fymynyne. Jordana is the feminine version of Jordan, not Jordyn. I also want to pronounce this Jor-DINE, not JORD-in. Vowels actually mean something!
Anyechka  6/7/2013
This is just awful, stop screwing up spellings and making your child look lower class.
Jason Malcolm  4/27/2014
I prefer this spelling on girls and Jordan on boys. I like the idea of spelling differentiation between boys and girls. Most names have multiple spellings. I do not know why people get so angry about different spellings. Some people suggest Jordana as an alternative for a girl. However, I find Jordana to sound very frumpy and boring.
heatherfeather  10/2/2014
Today in the press: Jordyn Leopold, 11 year old daughter of the ice hockey player Jordan Leopold arranged that her father was hired by the local ice hockey team Minneapolis Wilds (before that, he had a contract with a team 1500 km away from home).
elbowin  3/3/2015
My daughter's name is Jordyn (first) Savannah (middle) and I think it's absolutely beautiful! I did the "Y" because my son's name is Rylan and I want one "Y" in both of their names!
― Anonymous User  1/26/2016
My daughter's name is Jordyn Leann. I love her name of course, and she loves it too. I'll come back to this site and share more about what she says about her name. She does however, love her name so much.
Thinkinallthetime  6/2/2016
A great name but such a terrible spelling. J-O-R-D-A-N and for a boy only.
― Anonymous User  10/18/2016
I always liked the name Jordan for a boy or a girl. When I first saw the name spelled with a Y Jordyn, (on one of my children's valentine's day class list) I immediately knew it was a female. This is a GREAT way to spell Jordyn for a girl! My youngest child's name is Jordyn Alexis and she loves it!
Hope555  11/10/2016
I absolutely hate this spelling for a girl. In my mind I don't understand why putting a "Y" makes the name feminine- I have always viewed the letter "A" as a major feminine letter and the only spelling of Jordan that I love for a girl is Jordan. However, I actually love the spelling Jordyn on a boy therefore if I have a daughter her name would be Jordan and if I have a son his name would be Jordyn.
trav123  6/12/2017
As I hate the name Jordan, I dislike Jordyn even more. Whats next, Jordynne or Giordin? Jordanne? Geordine? I really dislike the sound of Jordan.
XironDarkstar  10/9/2017
Jordyn Jones is a singer/rapper. She is big on social media and is impacting people's lives!
― Anonymous User  10/26/2017

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