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Jorja is the name of the American actress, Jorja Fox, who plays "Sara Sidle" on the hit TV series "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation". Yes it's her given name, and her full first name is Jorja-An.
Charlie1977  8/12/2005
I think Georgia is a very pretty name, but Jorja just ruins it. The Spanish form of George is Jorge, pronounced HAWR-he. Jorja reminds me of this name, and looks like it should be pronounced Hawr-ha, which sounds like a pretty bad word for a girl.
Emilie  12/17/2005
I really like the name Jorja. Spelling it 'Georgia' makes it look too much like another one of those male-turned-into-female-names. This spelling is much nicer.
ArtemisTheHunter  1/8/2006
Nice name but I prefer the spelling Georgia.
― Anonymous User  5/28/2006
For some reason I really, really like this name. I like this spelling better than Georgia.
classy  9/12/2006
Jorja seems Scandinavian to me.
bibi66  1/7/2007
In my opinion, this is such an unflattering variant. It looks like some little kid misspelled it, or whatever.
Surreal  1/29/2007
A famous bearer is Czech actress Jorga Kotrbová.
Ronja  1/30/2007
This spelling is just bizarre. It looks so rude and harsh.
Jasmine  3/24/2007
Also can it pronounced as "Zhor-zha".
Karcoolka  4/16/2007
Why? What's wrong with Georgia?
arrowhead909  8/20/2007
One famous bearer is Czech moderator Jorga Hrušková.
Maggie_Simpson  11/20/2007
Name your daughter Jorja and just convince the world you're illiterate every time you have to correct the way people are going to spell it! Look, if you just can't bear spelling it "Georgia", then pick just one half of the name to mess with, huh? Like, "Jorgia". Whaddya think? Good compromise?
leananshae  12/18/2007
Or use the Italian spelling Giorgia. Anything's better than Jorja!
leananshae  12/19/2007
Jorja in Spanish would be hore-ha. So no, I don't think it's a very pretty way of spelling Georgia.
visitor27  2/13/2008
This horrible spelling makes the parents and kids alike appear illiterate. I've read that Jorja Fox always had to convince people that really, she can spell, and her name is spelled like that.
slight night shiver  4/25/2008
An absolute cock-up of a spelling. While Georgia is the most popular version (yay!) in New Zealand, Jorja has been found for years there. I doubt Jorja Fox was the inspiration. I refuse to say JOR juh. It's only HOR ha.
― Anonymous User  8/15/2008
This spelling of Georgia is pretty bad. Jorja looks as if the parents were either very "creative" (in a bad way) or just too dumb to spell Georgia correctly. I remember that when I was little I heard the name Gina and had no idea how to spell it so I just decided it had to be Jina. I figured out the correct spelling pretty quickly, though. So when I hear of parents naming a kid Jorja I think hmmmm maybe they heard the name somewhere and didn't know what it was or how to spell it so they thought it had to be Jorja. It also makes me think of the name of my Spanish teacher Jorje (male) so I want to give it a Spanish pronunciation.
Lily8  8/28/2008
It looks like it should be pronounced "HOHR-huh," which is just terrible. Yes it is pronounced "JOHR-juh," but still.
― Anonymous User  1/3/2009
Too lazy to spell "Georgia" or is "Georgia" not "cree8tyv" enough? At least people can spell "Georgia"!
gaelruadh19  1/27/2009
I really do not like this spelling at all. It's too obvious, like someone who can't spell and does it all phonetically. Georgia looks so much prettier.
― Anonymous User  11/11/2009
I agree. When I first saw this name, I thought it was a of feminisation of Jorge, pronounced HOR-ha. Now I see it's a form of Georgia. Truly, some parent's creativity amazes me.
― Anonymous User  2/20/2010
I have also seen it spelled Jorga. Yuk!
keepitreal  1/22/2011
I think this name should be arrested for crimes against the person, as the English legal expression goes. Why mangle the beautiful traditional spelling Georgia into this kr8tiv travesty? Ugh!
Just Jonquil  4/29/2012
I strongly dislike the name Jorja. Even the sound of it's not that pretty. But when you spell it like Georgia, it makes it much more classic and elegant. I actually like it spelled this way. Spelling matters.
― Anonymous User  6/9/2012
I find this name to be so lowbrow and full of "white trashy-ness" I have to comment.. I have FB friend with a child with this name; I just can't get over how silly of a name this is.. geez..
wmchase65  6/27/2013
No matter which spelling is chosen, I still dislike this name as it doesn't sound very feminine to me. 'Jorja' looks very odd.
― Anonymous User  8/10/2014
I love the name Jorja, hence why I called my beautiful daughter Jorja!
I think this modern take on the name sounds pretty and looks more feminine than the old fashioned version.
Vanessa Jorja  5/17/2015
The pronunciation is quite easy, if you consider the English 'Geoffrey' in the United States is spelled 'Jeffrey' with the 'J' being articulated as a 'Gee', not an 'aich (H), as if 'Heffrey'.
Geoffrey_Malloy  1/19/2016
My wonderful girlfriend is named Jorja. I think most of you are wrong - the way it's spelt is beautiful and I think the reason you have a problem with it is because all your names are 'normal' and 'ordinary'.
Ashleyw1  9/5/2016
I think this is a great modern update on the classic name. Jorja Rae is my daughter's name and I have had so many compliments on her name.
fearless  12/1/2016
The spelling of my name is 'Jorja', and I've gotten many compliments about it and quite a lot of people like the way I spell my name. My parents were not 'stupid' enough or just being 'kr3at1ve' when they chose the spelling, they liked it and I do as well.
Jorjaxx  1/2/2017
I guess your name doesn't have to be spelled Jorja to be ignorant, rude and disrespectful. It kills me how your name is so simple and plain and you love it because it's commonly accepted by society. There are smart intelligent people who think outside the box and don't want to have basic, common names. Whether you like the way the name is spelled or not, someone will love it. It's nothing wrong with your common, safe, traditional names and that goes the same for Jorja. And you should be careful about how you speak about people's names because Dr. Jorja may save your life one day.
― Anonymous User  1/25/2017
People would be asking you all your life, "Is that Georgia, or Jorja?"
StrattonO  5/17/2017
My name is Jorja and I find it disrespectful when people are saying it's a bad name. I love my name because it is unique and not many people have the name. Georgia is such a common spelling and I like how Jorja isn't a common name. I have gotten so many compliments over my name and I know people who have named their children after me.
― Anonymous User  9/17/2017

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