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Judas Maccabeus was one of the first leaders of the Maccabean revolt.
― Anonymous User  8/6/2014
Judas and Jude are different forms of the same name. Over time Christians have come to associate one with Judas Iscariot and the other with Saint Jude. Both are wonderful names so it is too bad that Judas has such a terrible historical connection.
YMPvt  3/15/2007
Although I understand why no one ever would want to use this name, Jesus actually had two disciples called Judas and the other one wasn't evil.
Caprice  4/11/2006
You've got your facts twisted. There was ONE Judas, the betrayer of Jesus. Trust me - I KNOW.
― Anonymous User  5/31/2006
Judas was actually a common name at the time. There are SEVERAL of them in the Bible, and they're not all bad.
― Anonymous User  7/9/2007
The good Judas is called Jude in English but both are called Judas in Swedish.

There is a third Judas mentioned in the New Testament, who was brother of Jesus.
Ylva  6/3/2006
How do you know, were you there? :)
BTW, take a look at Luke 6:16 and John 14:22.
Caprice  6/2/2006

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