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Actually, the pronunciation is zhoo-JEE-chə. [noted -ed]
samarinezz  3/7/2008
The pronunciation is a bit hard to explain, because though anyone is capable of making the sounds, it's hard to put them into words. The ´´j`` is a softer sound than the normal ´´j``, and the ´´´d`` is a lot like the normal ´´j``. The ´´t`` is like the ´´ch`` sound in kitchen. The ´´e`` isn't silent. It's more or less like, joo-jee-chee. This sounds weird, but if you make the softer ´´j`` sound at the beginning of the name, it becomes more understandable. My explanation is a bit lousy but it's pretty hard to explain the way you do the sound of the ´´j``, it's a bit of a mix between j and the sh sound. I hope someone can come up with a better explanation.
dreamgirl54  11/9/2007

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