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May also be a Finnish form of Joachim, a Swedish name.
Vodrilus  2/20/2005
You don't want to know what Jukka (Jucka) means in Swedish!
Dahlis  2/17/2006
Jukka Kristian 'Mikojan' Mikkonen aka "Sir Christus" bears the name of Jukka. He is the guitarist of Negative, a Finnish band from Tampere, Finland.
CHLC  11/27/2006
One famous bearer is Jukka Nevalainen, drummer of the Finnish metal band Nightwish.
GeneralitePancake  3/2/2008
Pronounced YOOK-kah.
Yippal  7/31/2009
A famous bearer is Jukka Hilden of Finnish stunt group, The Dudesons.
sarah-grrrl  3/1/2011
Jukka Raitala, is a Finnish professional footballer who represents Finland national team and the Norwegian Tippeliga side Sogndal Fotball.
cutenose  7/4/2016

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