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I think this is a very pretty name for a little girl.
miraclegirl80  8/18/2005
Juliet is my favorite name for a girl! I absolutely love it, and plan to name a future daughter Juliet Isabel or Juliet Ann. I also love all the nicknames and variations - Julie, Jules, Juliette, Julia - the list goes on. :)
lulee girl  12/10/2005
Actress Juliet Mills is a bearer of this name. She is the sister of Hayley, also a famous actress.
alberto  1/18/2006
This name was originally the English version of the Italian name Giulietta, and is traditionally pronounced JOO-li-yit. It's the French form, Juliette, which is pronounced joo-li-YET or zhoo-li-YET.
juliet  1/27/2006
I used to hate my name until about a year ago. It's a great choice for a name, in my opinion, but the bearer should be ready for a barrage of "Ooh, where's your ROMEO?!" jokes while they're growing up.
aramestia  2/19/2006
This is an absolutely beautiful name with wonderful literary ties. So mint.
beautyofwords9  3/4/2006
I really like this name. It makes me think of a person with really big brown eyes.
ellen day  5/27/2006
I love this name so much. I find it so much more pretty than the overused and usual Julia. Juliet is one of my favourite names ever.
Akua Topaz  7/7/2006
I personally prefer Julia, I think with the name Juliet your child can expect some teasing.
― Anonymous User  7/21/2006
Australian author Juliet Marillier is a noteworthy reference.
Rhapsody  8/17/2006
Julian Casablanca's wife's name is Juliet.
rainxxxgurl  9/24/2006
I love the name Juliet and really want to name one of my children that. Although it's a really beautiful and graceful name, I can just picture the jokes that could go along with it! ;)
hannahbella  12/7/2006
A character from ABCs LOST known as an 'other'. She is played by Elizabeth Mitchell.
caity-bear915  12/13/2006
Makes a great middle name. One would be less likely to be teased with this as a middle name.
Bethany  1/2/2007
JULIET is a nice name but I prefer JULIA, because it doesn't sound so romantic, because of the Shakespeare play ROMEO & JULIET. :)
― Anonymous User  2/27/2007
Juliet Lowe is the founder of the Girl Scouts.
flipflops5  3/3/2007
The name Juliet is so romantic and elegant sounding for a little girl. I also like the Shakespearian connotations that come along with it. Shakespeare always used such lovely names.
EgYpTiAn PrInCeSs  7/14/2007
I am naming a child Juliet in honor of "Romeo and Juliet".
Chloever33  8/12/2007
Juliet is a guilty pleasure of mine. I think of Romeo and Juliet. Juliet is quite feminine, and I also think Julianne or Julianna is nice as well. I also think Juliette is nice as well.
Emma McHnery  11/27/2007
I highly dislike this name. Everyone else's comments are about how romantic it is, but I think far too romantic. There is much too much drama oozing from the name. When I utter it it feels heavy upon my tongue, far prettier in imagination than nonfiction. It's trying too hard like those paperbacks that middleaged women read on the beach with a halfnaked woman swooning in the arms of some chunky weightlifter. It is becoming so common and I feel that the trendiness of it will only diminish the simple elegance that Shakespeare gave it in Romeo and Juliet. I would like to remember Juliet as one of the main characters in one of the most romantic plays of all time, not the receptionist of a dentist office in the UK. I truly cringe at the name and far prefer Julie, no matter how plain.
livieluvbug  12/1/2007
It seems a bit silly even to bother putting this down, but Juliet Capulet, one of the main characters in "Romeo and Juliet" is a famous bearer.
Luanna  1/29/2008
Juliet is the name of a small inner moon of Uranus, discovered in 1986 by the Voyager 2.
AndrewJKD  4/13/2008
Also pronounced JOO-lee-et and JOO-lee-it.
Kate  4/19/2008
There's a song by the band We The Kings called "Check Yes, Juliet".
xKatiex  7/31/2008
The -et is trying too hard to be cutesy, classical and pretty.
― Anonymous User  8/4/2008
I love the name Juliet. I would name a daughter Juliet Rose. It's so classic and I also really like the actress who plays Juliet on "Lost."
― Anonymous User  8/13/2008
I adore this name, partially because of its ties to Girl Scouts. It also has a wonderful sound, and is much better (in my opinion) than Julie. If you love this name, use it. The joy you'll get will heal almost any joke you get on the name. :)
― Anonymous User  2/1/2009
When I think of this name, I think of Olivia Hussey in Franco Zeffirelli's film adaptation of Romeo and Juliet. I think of a dark-haired ingenue in Italian Renaissance clothing. An ingenue who secretly has a backbone of steel. But even though I think that this is a beautiful, classic name, I think that it would be better kept as a pet name for a Julie or Julia or as a middle name; it's too loaded. I'd prefer to think of Shakespeare's young heroine instead of some woman in the supermarket or in the projects.
gaelruadh19  2/6/2009
"Juliet" is also the code word for the letter "J" in the NATO phonetic alphabet.
FMRadio  3/3/2009
It's a pretty name, and not as common as Julia or Juliet, and I really liked Romeo and Juliet.
bananarama  4/5/2009
My favorite name, ever. I love Romeo & Juliet, it's so romantic.
meggsxx3  4/15/2009
My absolute favourite name. It's fantastic and very beautiful; it sounds sort of old fashioned but I think that adds to its charm and yes, the first time I heard it was from 'Romeo and Juliet' (subsequently one of the detectives in the TV show 'Psych, Juliet O'Hara) but I don't really associate it with either; it's just a wonderful name by itself. I would love to have a daughter called Juliet.
xkimlyx  7/1/2009
Shakespeare also uses this in one of his later plays, Measure for Measure- a very adult play compared to his earlier comedies.
― Anonymous User  7/8/2009
One of my most hated pet name forms.
― Anonymous User  7/23/2009
I think it's rather tacky. I know a girl named Juliet, and she's often being teased with "Romeo". ")
― Anonymous User  7/28/2009
I think this name is amazing. That is a wonderful name for a princess. I love that name. I wish that was my name.=) I bet that's a very fancy name.
― Anonymous User  8/9/2009
Honestly, giving a child this name would just be torture. The jokes they'd have to endure. Why put them through it? It seems selfish.
― Anonymous User  9/12/2009
Juliet sounds like a girl with a weak personality and a weak stomach.
― Anonymous User  9/13/2009
This is my first name. All I heard growing up was, "Where's Romeo?" I think all the jabs made me turn in the opposite direction because I hate romance. However, I am grateful for the somewhat unique name now that I am an adult, and I'm never teased anymore.
Shaydie  12/1/2009
Even without the associations, I find this name sentimental. It's not too strong in concept and association either- I don't find the Shakespeare Juliet a very strong character. However, it's mature and can fit a girl throughout her life, it's not too bad a choice, really.
lucyskydiamonds  1/22/2010
Juliet Simms, lead singer of the band Automatic Loveletter.
November Raine  2/12/2010
Personally I think this is a very elegant name.
SweetieRae16  2/17/2010
There's a song called Romeo and Juliet by Dire Straits and later covered by the Indigo Girls.
wbbuff  5/11/2010
This name is VERY beautiful, yes. But, there is a good chance that a girl named Juliet will be teased. We don't name our sons Romeo, do we? I think we should let Juliet rest in a safe place, as a MIDDLE name. Even though she is graceful enough to take center stage as a first name, I don't think everyone would be able to appreciate her beauty.
EchoSketcher  7/27/2010
Juliet is the "J" in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet.
Dawson  11/23/2010
This is amazingly beautiful and feminine. However, I do think Juliette seems more elegant. But Juliet is beautiful too!
Joy12  5/3/2011
I like it, but I prefer Juliette. Juliet seems incomplete. But whatever, it's pretty.
enchy  6/6/2011
My name is Juliet Anne and I love my first name. I like the fact that I have only ever met two other Juliet's in my life and I'm in my thirties! I love the fact it is unusual. It is a feminine and pretty name. I did get the Romeo comments at school but then again, who on here had no negative comments aimed at them at school? If it's not your name its based on your appearance or some other thing. The Romeo comments didn't bother me.
Juliets_thoughts  9/3/2011
I will be the first to admit, the famous play, Romeo and Juliet, is the first thing I think of, as do most people, but, it's a beautiful name. I'm sure it could carry some stigma, but I really wish people would look past the Shakespearean character. I think if you pair with a more grounded name, it brings it into a usable fashion.
GibsonGirl  10/14/2011
Juliet Simms (born 1986 in San Francisco, California) is an American singer-songwriter. She was the runner-up on the second season of the reality show The Voice.
― Anonymous User  6/8/2012
Juliet Huddy (born 1969 in Miami Beach, Florida) is an American televisions news reporter.
― Anonymous User  6/8/2012
Juliet Rose Landau (born 1965 in Los Angeles, California) is an American actress.
― Anonymous User  6/8/2012
Juliet Moss (born 1987 in San Jose, California) is an American water polo player.
― Anonymous User  8/12/2012
This spelling was not first used by Shakespeare. It had been used previously by the English poet Arthur Brooke in "The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet" which was published in 1562. The poem, which was a translation of earlier Italian and French tales (in which the forms Giulietta and Juliette were used), was the key source for Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
overtheclouds  9/5/2012
I've always heard it pronounced Jool-lee-YET, in Michigan, at least.
thesnowwhiterose  5/8/2013
There's a song called "Hey, Juliet" by LMNT. (pronounced Jool-ee-ETTE) I've always always heard it said Jool-ee-ETTE. Does anyone really say JOOL-ee-it?
thesnowwhiterose  7/7/2013
I love this name, its pretty much my second favorite baby name of all time. Though the child will undoubtedly recieve more than a few sarcastic comments about her 'Romeo' over the course of her lifetime, I really don't think its that big of a deal; to me, this name is worth it. I think its incredibly beautiful, and not so common that the child will meet a thousand other Juliets and be forced to go by a sillly nickname for the rest of her life. In my opinion, a much better and more romantic choice than Julie or Julia, definitely something to consider.
― Anonymous User  7/23/2013
Juliet is my first name and yes I do get the odd 'where's Romeo' joke but I just reply with 'Hopefully far away otherwise I will be dead soon' and plus now that I'm older I like my name because its unique and it makes me feel 'mature'. But my close friends normally use my nickname Julz which i
I like as well but my Dad being my Dad calls me Baguette but I actually don't mind it because it's a joking nickname from him and it makes it more unique :)
JulietZena  8/27/2013
Juliet "Jules" O'Hara is a character on the TV show Psych, played by Maggie Lawson.
ophelia  9/9/2013
I first read/saw 'Romeo and Juliet' when I was eight and I fell in love with the name (and the play!) Plus, I acted in high school and the first lead I ever got was playing Juliet, so I decided that my first daughter will be Juliet Elisabeth.
DestinedAuthor  10/13/2013
After listening to Lawson's new song - Juliet this name has suddenly become beautiful to me, definitely a possible name if I have a daughter in the future.
― Anonymous User  3/14/2014
If my son had been a girl, he would have been Juliet.
adelhiede_l  3/27/2014
Actually, the usage of other forms of the name is quite different. The name Julieta is quite common in Spanish and I don't know anybody who has been teased, not even myself (my name is María Julieta but I usually go by my middle name).
julipirola  5/9/2014
My name is Juliet rose and I never used to like it, because of the sad Shakespeare story that goes with it. I also get asked the question 'where is Romeo?' a lot to which I reply 'he is dead.' Or some would say they are Romeo after I tell them my name. But as I get older I learned to love it. It's a pretty name, especially when I'm called by both names together. Most of my friends called me Jules. I love this version too. My name is famous and I love it! And that's that!
Julietrose  6/13/2014
I love love love this name. ^.~ It's so so lovely and VERY pretty sounding. (;
― Anonymous User  7/21/2014
My name is Juliette Elizabeth, and I love the name. Yes, I got teased growing up (still do) but there are other, worse names that you could get teased about. I have met only one other Juliette in my life - and from what my parents say, I was named after a pianist on a soap opera.
oolieoh  12/3/2014
I adore this name! It's so elegant and beautiful. A girl with this name would most likely hear jokes about it, but there are worse names people could make fun of you for having.
― Anonymous User  3/2/2015
This is my name! I have never gotten teased over my name. My full name is Juliet Jolinda Betty.
julietdixon  4/29/2015
This is my name and I love it. I have never gotten teased over it. My full name is Juliet Jolinda Betty Dixon. I hate my middle name. Parents PLEASE, and I beg you do not give your child an embarrassing middle name. Also, my mom didn't pick the middle name, my dad did. He isn't too good on middle names... My sister's name is Jillian Kayley Vada Dixon. My mom picked that. Jillian is also a really good name it means the same as Juliet. Both meaning downy hair, youthful, and beautiful.
julietdixon  6/24/2015
I just changed my name legally from Britney (EW) to Juliet. I didn't have a specific reason other than wanting to honor a family member and wanting an adult, more mature name. Plus, I'm a wedding photographer and my clients love that my name is so romantic! I like both spellings, but I went with Juliet because it's more common. One of the biggest problems I have with Britney is the constant misspelling of it... And its negative ties to everything. I love my name now. I look for any opportunity to give it and love the responses I get... After 28 years of Britney, I am now Juliet!
― Anonymous User  6/28/2015
There is actually a flower called "Juliet Rose", which took 15 years to be created by David Austin. It's known to be very expensive and it's commonly used in weddings and special occasions.

(I think the combo Juliet Rose is very beautiful just like it's namesake flower.)
― Anonymous User  7/31/2015
My name is the Spanish version Juliet. I always get compliments about my name and also some jokes like "who's your Romeo?" But I honestly think this is a very elegant name a for a girl and it's not very common where I live.
julietag  9/24/2015
It's pretty and all, but it reminds me far too much of Romeo and Juliet, and I hated that play.
RoseTintsMyWorld  5/11/2016
Julieta, it's my eternal name... Love it forever!
Julieta  8/25/2017
My daughter is Juliet Laura Elizabeth. I think it is such a lovely romantic name, little did I know she would have the biggest brown eyes with the longest lashes most have ever seen, she has delicate features too. With her waist length brown hair... we're in trouble! I can't really believe she came from me. Her nickname is Gentle Jules because she is so sweet. It truly fits her perfectly.
I also have an Amelia and a Hannah; I love classic non made up names that are not overly common.
― Anonymous User  11/16/2017

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