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A character in the Danganronpa series, Junko Enoshima!
11037  9/3/2017
Junko Onishi is a former butterfly swimmer from Japan, who won the bronze medal in the 4 × 100 m medley relay at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia. Her winning teammates in that race were Mai Nakamura, Masami Tanaka, and Sumika Minamoto.
lilolaf  2/22/2017
Junko is a Japanese manga artist and author. One of her works is the romantic comedy shōjo manga series "Kiss Him, Not Me" known in Japan as "Watashi ga Motete Dōsunda".
lilolaf  1/20/2017
Junko Takeuchi is a Japanese voice actress employed by Ogipro The Next Co. Inc. Taking a well-trod path by many voice actresses, she often voices young male characters with generally very quirky and goofy personalities.
cutenose  1/12/2017
In Dangan Ronpa there's a character named Junko.
miyamosuiren  1/23/2016
Junko Takeuchi, a Japanese voice actress, is known for voicing characters such as Naruto Uzumaki from 'Naruto', Takuya Kanbara from 'Digimon Frontier' and Red from 'Pokémon Origins'.
― Anonymous User  7/23/2015
Just don't use it in English... oi there, you Junko!
Hushpuppy  5/16/2014
Suzuki Junko (Junko Suzuki) was one of the chosen people to play a role of one of the people that were involved in the Hotel Mass Murder in the Japanese horror movie Rinne.
Dianaisme12  12/19/2009
The voice actor of the title character of 'Naruto', from the popular Japanese anime, 'Naruto', bears this name.
― Anonymous User  2/15/2009
Junko Furuta was the name of a high school girl who was murdered in Tokyo, in about 1988.
The song "Taion" (means "Body Temperature") by GazettE, was written as a tribute to her.
VampireTears  2/3/2009
It unfortunately makes me think of Junk-O. It's too bad, because it looks like it could be a cool name.
Pippin  3/15/2008
Junko is the name of Hachi's best friend in the manga Nana.
teenrobo3  12/30/2007
Junko is the name of one of my favorite Japanese voice actors, Junko Noda.
Kurisutaru  3/27/2006
Common in my generation and older in Japan.

Kanji possibilities for Jun:
abbasdaughter  12/26/2005
Pronounced [JOON-ko]
― Anonymous User  12/7/2005

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