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Something I wouldn't name my child. It has a nice ring to it but not for a person though, more like something I'd name a pet.
― Anonymous User  5/7/2006
I'd rather name my child Jove.
― Anonymous User  5/11/2006
Jupiter is a lovely handsome name which I would definitely consider using for a child! My trombone's name is Jasper Jupiter, though my favorite combo is Seamus Jupiter.
Bex  8/20/2006
Come on, what are you going to call your son in public?
― Anonymous User  9/21/2006
Jupiter Hammon (1711-c. 1806) was the first black writer published in the United States.
apollonia  3/30/2007
I have an idea for a nickname---Jove, as the god Jupiter was sometimes called. It sounds sort of normal, like Joe or Job or Joel. Zeus, however, I think is far too out there, even more than Jupiter.
― Anonymous User  4/9/2007
What a nice name for a baby/child. Jupiter Marcus flows so well. *JK*
becca_marciano  3/6/2009
Rhymes with "stupider" and it just sounds bad. I don't think anyone's actually going to use this name. Save it for the planet.
― Anonymous User  5/15/2009
Planet names do not work well on people. This is second only to Uranus in the amount of teasing someone with the name will get.
bananarama  11/24/2009
Its Greek equivalent is Zeus.
smartbottom3  7/25/2010
"Boys go to Jupiter to get more stupider..." Yeah. I think most of us remember that little playground rhyme/hand game growing up. I don't know if it's still common among kids today, but just in case, you ought to avoid this name and save your kid some teasing.
mrose19  2/25/2013
Name of the Day: February 25, 2013.
― Anonymous User  2/25/2013
Jupiter Jones is the main character of the 2015 film, 'Jupiter Ascending'. She is played by Mila Kunis.
Feorsteorra  6/16/2015
Jupiter Jones was the lead investigator in the book series "Alfred Hitchcock and the Three Investigators". Robert Arthur Jr. was the author and I am unclear just how Hitchcock was involved. The books were similar to The Hardy Boys, but in my opinion, better written. As this was my introduction to the name I associate cleverness with the name.
VMJH  12/14/2016
This is the name of a town in Palm Beach County, Florida.
S-Genesis  2/25/2017

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