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The origin of this name is also Slovak, not only Croat. [noted -ed]
juraj  12/6/2005
Pronounced as "Yoo-rah-y" (short -oo-).
Karcoolka  3/23/2007
Pronounced as "Yoo-ray" (short -oo-).
Maggie_Simpson  6/24/2007
It´s of Old Slavonic origin. Russian word юркий (jurkij) meaning "nimble, quick".

Juraj is also Czech name.
MaggieSimpson  3/31/2009
Juraj is a given name used in a number of languages in various forms. The variants used in Central and Eastern Europe may be derived from a Slavonic similar to the Russian word юркий (yurkiy) meaning "nimble, quick, handy". Pronounced "yuwh-rie".
MaggieSimpson  6/28/2009
Jura is a Croatian short form.
goricar  3/3/2010
One of my favorite names. It's very popular in Croatia these days. It's pronounced YOO-rahy. [noted -ed]
enchy  6/18/2011

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