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This name reminds me of beef jerky.
Taydbug112  10/26/2006
A famous bearer of this name is Jyrki69, the lead singer of the Finnish rock band The 69 Eyes.
rsyn  1/8/2007
Pronounced JYR-ki (Soundfile ex. or

In Finnish, J is pronounced as English Y as in 'yard', Y has no English equivalent (round your lips tightly like you're going to say 'ooh' and make the sound for I in 'sit' and you should at least come close), R is rolled, K is K as in 'kitten', I is EE as in 'meet'.
Kuka Olen  3/16/2008
Another famous bearer was a TV-show for teenagers known mostly for music videos and interviews of the musicians.
― Anonymous User  12/12/2009
This name is strange. It sounds like and makes me think of jerky.
bananarama  3/17/2010
Sounds like jerky. Makes me think of Angelica from Rugrats saying "Not the jury - the jerky!"
Bonquiqui  7/16/2012

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