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Kade is Scottish, meaning "from the wetlands". Kaden is a variant becoming popular. Cade is a variant of the Welsh name Cadell, meaning "spirit of battle".
-- Anonymous User  6/13/2006
I love Kade. We picked Kade for our son. We wanted a strong masculine name that was unique. Our daughter has an Irish name that some consider unisex. Kade compliments it perfectly. We always get compliments on it. I prefer the "K" spelling over using a "C".
-- gretchen  6/13/2006
Kade is an awesome name for a boy. Very masculine and strong sounding. I also have seen the Scottish version of it.
-- Anonymous User  6/13/2006
I like this name! It's not very common and that's what makes it special.
-- amber monkey  7/31/2006
Actually, Kaden is an all too popular name and I'm getting rather sick of everyone naming their baby Kaden, Jaden, or some variant thereof. Grow some creativity, people.
-- Anonymous User  8/8/2006
I LOVE this name FOR A GIRL.

It is the spelling (different pronunciation, but I like the English pronunciation of it) of a common Indonesian girl's name. I plan to use it for a daughter.
-- SadieB  8/26/2006
This name is too masculine for me for a girl. Plus I know some boys with this name and no girls.
-- Anonymous User  3/26/2007
I like the name but prefer the C spelling. It looks feminine to me with a K. Just personal preference. Still love the name.
-- Grimscarlett  10/2/2008
I am tired of seeing this name, which appears to be everywhere.

However, I have not yet had the horror of a female Kade inflicted upon me. I suppose that is still to come.
-- keepitreal  1/24/2011
Kade Weston, an American football player.
-- Anonymous User  12/11/2011
Kade is a unisex name most often used for boys, but sometimes for girls, especially as a shorter form of names such as Kaderin. Kade Purnell is a female character from the TV show Hannibal.
-- Anonymous User  10/24/2015

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