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This name is also sometimes used as a masculine name, like the character in the Japanese manga "Slam Dunk", Kaede Rukawa.
tianazhi  2/27/2005
This name is used in the Manga series Inuyasha. The name bearer is an old woman (priestess) who resides in the village.
― Anonymous User  5/20/2005
I like this name and only heard of it in Japanese animes or manga. One very popular anime that has a character "Kaede" is Inu-Yasha. In this show, Kaede was an old lady/priestess that had priestess powers and was very skilled when it came to identifying plants with healing properties.
Krystal4ever  8/12/2005
Kaede seems to be used a lot in different anime/manga. Along with the above listed, it is also the name of a minor character in the mangs "Negima! Magister Negi Magi."
― Anonymous User  8/21/2005
I've met ONE man whose daughter's name was Kaede (sounds like Kai-day with the ai being phonetic like eye) and it's a very nice name.

One thing about anime/manga is you have to be careful not to confuse cartoon with reality because people sometimes make things up for cartoons and use rare names for effect, though some of the names are also fairly common in Japanese. Just be careful how much you base your perspective of Japanese society on manga.
abbasdaughter  12/26/2005
I believe this is pronounced "kai-EI-dei".
blueshinra  2/16/2006
In the book "Across the Nightgale Floor" Kaede is one of the main characters. The book is very good, I recommend everyone to read it.
― Anonymous User  4/2/2006
Across the Nightinggale Floor is a great book! Another Kaede is the character from the movie "Ran" directed by Akira Kurosawa, although it would be a bit weird to name a kid after her.
kotone  5/4/2006
Pronounced kah-eh-deh.
YMPvt  3/11/2007
I used this name for a character in a story. Her mother (who shares the same taste as me, hahaha) didn't know how to pronounce it so said "KAYD," and then looked it up and decided KAYD sounds better than kai-EH-da, so she kept the pronunciation. :)
― Anonymous User  5/19/2007
This is also the name of a character in the anime/manga Elfen Lied. It is only in the manga, and it is the true name of the character Lucy.

Pronounced kah-eh-day.
Midna  7/27/2007
Shinobu's friend from Ninin ga Shinobuden.
RIRYKA  3/28/2008
I met a girl in summer school whose name was Kaede and had just come from Japan and she pronounced it (KAY-DEE) like Katy. So for the entire 2 weeks I thought her name was Katy.
helloklementyn  7/30/2008
Beautiful name, it actually looks like a modern spelling of Katy/Katie. Japanese names are so cool!
_0TophasNails_1  12/25/2008
I think this name is gorgeous; I prefer the Japanese pronunciation Kah-eh-deh. I loved the character in Across The Nightingale Floor. It's a nickname for my character; due to the fact her hair is the colour of maple syrup. Kaede- lovely!
Emily Cheeseface  6/7/2009
Kaede is the other personality of Kaere Kimura in Sayonara Zestubou Sensei.
egyptianpanda  1/2/2010
Kaede Fuyou is the childhood friend of the main character in the anime/visual novel series Shuffle! She's considered somewhat insane later on in the series, as she portrays a yandere persona.
Rin_0911  8/1/2012
I have a love hate relationship with this name. Love because its cool and have a nice old sound to it. But hate because it reminds me of the old priestess in Inuyasha with the eye patch.
555jazzy  10/6/2012
Can someone plz help me with the pronunciation of Kaede.
― Anonymous User  10/27/2012
At first I thought it was an alternative spelling of Cade, but I love to see that it's an actual name. It's very cool, mysterious and sophisticated. I prefer it on a girl when pronounced the Japanese way. I like it on a boy too, pronounced Cade.
Skylar_Arianna  5/22/2013
Nice name all around. Unfortunately, the pronunciation is reminiscent of the Spanish cállate (be quiet, or shut up) which ruins it a bit for me.
― Anonymous User  8/4/2014
S4acre  12/12/2014
My name is also Kaede and it's not pronounced as (k-eye-day) it's pronounced like (kah-eh-deh) I have no clue why that person above said the end sounds like *day*. My last name is also uncommon so when I tell people my full name they look at me like "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?" I like having Kaede as a name, it breaks the ice because it's something to talk about straight away.
Hiroame.isd  4/15/2015
I actually thought that this was an alternate spelling for Katie, Also Kaede is the name of one of the characters in Marie Lu's Legend trilogy.
PeetaBread  2/17/2015
I like the name Kaede, but I feel that I've seen it used before... by parents in-line with trendy naming fashions. Even though it is Japanese, the components of Kaede could easily have been made-up (think of other popular names in the US like Kayla, Kayden, Kaelyn, Kai, etc.).
Francesca  6/2/2015
I have seen this name in a lot of anime/manga. It seems very popular in anime, maybe not so much in actual Japanese culture (I'd have to ask my aunt, who comes from Japan). I just realized the name also appears in the anime "Chobits." It shows, in episode 23, Kokubunji's real, late sister (whom Yuzuki is modeled after) in a picture. Underneath it says "Minoru -- Kaede."
Blut  11/6/2015
I pronounce it "Kaie-de".
tsukie  1/3/2016
This name is currently 22nd place in Japan for males (source:
cutenose  2/4/2017
Kaede was given to 11 girls in America in 2016.
cutenose  5/23/2017
Japanese does not have any diphthongs, so getting a sound such say "kay" in the "kae-" part is impossible.
Kaede- kah (ah as in father), eh (eh as in get. Say "kah" and "eh" together.) and deh (as in DEfinite.)
― Anonymous User  11/8/2017
Kayano Kaede from Assassination Classroom.
SparkleTsk  4/12/2018
A character in New Danganronpa V3: Killing Harmony has this name. Her full name is Kaede Akamatsu.
KitamuraSan  4/19/2018

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