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Kaija Lustila is an award-winning Finnish singer. She first came to fame as a tango singer; now her repertoire includes evergreens, iskelmä and Finnish pop. Her career began in 1982, when she had the opportunity to audition with Risto Oja-Lipasti's band. She made such a great impression that she was taken on tour immediately. Within a few years she had made such an impression on the dancing public that she formed her own band Pajero with herself as solo singer. In 1987 she entered the prestigious Tangomarkkinat competition and reached the finals, though she did not win. One of her fellow competitors was Aura Stenroth, the mother of 2007 Tango King Henri Stenroth. Her first album was "Sellaiset silmät" (Eyes Like These) in 1992. Other albums followed in 1994, 1999, 2004 and 2011. In 1999 she took part in the Sysyn sävel competition with "Kaukainen tähti".
cutenose  2/26/2017
Singer Kaija Koo is a famous bearer.
nenmo  3/24/2013
It's pronounced KIE-yə, which in my accent is pretty much the same as KIE-ə.
Meapergirl  12/18/2011
Well, this is my middle name. I had the P.E./leather shop teacher who liked to mispronounce everyone whole name during roll call and he came to my name on the first day of school. He mispronounced my extremely common first name perfectly, then he stuttered on Kaija, because he wasn't entirely sure how to mispronounce it. "Kah- errr... Kah-ee uhmm... uh kah-EE-juh!" Later he asked my how I pronounced and I said "It's Ky-a and it's Finnish and it means seagull" whether the seagull thing is completely true or not. I was always told it was Norwegian meaning sky but now I don't think so. I was named after my cousin who died. It's a fun conversation starter: "Betcha can't spell my middle name!" I also really like the papukaija association; it might just be my new nickname (that is, if it's pronounced pa-poo-KIE-uh)! I just plain love my middle name!
Meapergirl  12/12/2011
I never did like this name. The Finnish word for a parrot is 'papukaija', and I can't get past that association.
slight night shiver  4/25/2008
Kaija Saariaho is a Finnish composer; her most famous work is opera Love from Afar, composed in 2000.
ToveTer  7/24/2007
Also a Latvian name, meaning 'seagull'.
― Anonymous User  1/9/2007

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