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As a pet form of Karolina, Kaja has only been used in Poland within the last 20 years (or less). Thus, it's fairly modern.
ADT  8/13/2006
Kája is used as a pet form also in Czechoslovakia.
Karcoolka  4/16/2007
Also popular as a girls name in Slovenia.
earthnut  7/2/2007
Also a girls name in Croatia. It was fairly common before 1970, and became popular again in the late 1990s.
goricar  3/7/2010
In Croatia Kaja is almost always thought of as a diminutive of Katarina, but it can be a short form of any name beginning with "Ka" like Karolina.
In fact very rarely it was also used as a masculine name, a variant/nickname of Kajo (Gajo, Gaj) itself the Croatian form of Gaius.
goricar  3/7/2010

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