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Don't name your child this, please. There's a lot of beautiful Hawaiian names, but this definitely isn't one of them... I also think that Kalina is a great alternative to Kakalina.
enchy  6/19/2011
I laughed so much when I saw this name, this has got to be the funniest name I've ever came across. I don't want to be intolerant to Hawaiian people, but if you name your kid this, she will get mocked in probably every country. There are so many other beautiful Hawaiian names!
XxproudrulerxX  2/8/2010
ARE YOU SERIOUS? Ca-Ca? As in a mess in someone's diaper? Poopoolina? And no, the "-lina" suffix doesn't dress it up for me in the least little bit!

I've got a great idea: Twin sisters named Latrina and Kakalina! I can't believe these names are, um, NAMES!

Ok, ok, in defense of the Hawaiian language, I'm sure "kaka" means something entirely different than what it means in English and Hispanic slang but anyone who isn't Hawaiian is just cruel if they burden their child with this name!

Even if you are Hawaiian, how 'bout Kalina instead? I beg you!
leananshae  12/29/2007

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