Names Related to Kalle

Names that are related to KALLE:
ANNELIEN   f   Dutch
CALLEIGH   f   English (Rare)
CALLIE   f   English
CAREEN   f   English (Rare)
CARI   f   English
CARL   m   German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English
CARLA   f   Italian, Portuguese, Spanish, Catalan, English, German, Dutch
CARLENE   f   English
CARLES   m   Catalan
CARLEY   f   English (Modern)
CARLIE   f   English
CARLINHOS   m   Portuguese
CARLISA   f   English (Rare)
CARLITO   m   Spanish, Portuguese
CARLITOS   m   Spanish, Portuguese
CARLMAN   m   Ancient Germanic
CARLO   m   Italian
CARLOMAN   m   History, Ancient Germanic
CARLOS   m   Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan
CARLOTA   f   Spanish, Portuguese
CARLOTTA   f   Italian
CARLY   f   English
CARLYN   f   English
CAROL (1)   f & m   English
CAROL (2)   m   Romanian
CAROLA   f   Italian, German, Dutch, Swedish
CAROLE   f   French
CAROLIEN   f   Dutch
CAROLIN   f   German
CAROLINA   f   Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, English, Swedish
CAROLINE   f   French, English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch
CAROLUS   m   Ancient Germanic (Latinized)
CAROLYN   f   English
CARREEN   f   English (Rare)
CARRIE   f   English
CARRY   f   English
CARYL   f   English
CHARLA   f   English
CHARLEEN   f   English
CHARLEMAGNE   m   History
CHARLENE   f   English
CHARLES   m   English, French
CHARLEY   m & f   English
CHARLIE   m & f   English
CHARLINE   f   French
CHARLIZE   f   Southern African, Afrikaans
CHARLOT   m   French
CHARLOTTA   f   Swedish
CHARLOTTE   f   French, English, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Dutch
CHAS   m   English
CHAZ   m   English
CHIP   m   English
CHUCK   m   English
GIANCARLO   m   Italian
KAARLE   m   Finnish
KAARLO   m   Finnish
KÁJA   f   Czech
KAJA (2)   f   Polish
KALE   m   Hawaiian
KALLE   m   Swedish, Finnish
KALLIE   f   English
KARCSI   m   Hungarian
KAREL   m   Dutch, Czech, Slovene
KARL   m   German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, English, Finnish, Ancient Germanic
KARLA   f   German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Croatian
KARLEE   f   English (Modern)
KARLENE   f   English
KARLMANN   m   German
KARLO   m   Croatian
KARLY   f   English (Modern)
KAROL   m   Polish, Slovak, Slovene
KAROLA   f   Hungarian, German
KAROLIINA   f   Finnish
KAROLÍNA   f   Czech
KAROLINA   f   Polish, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Hungarian, Slovene, Croatian, Macedonian, Lithuanian, German
KAROLINE   f   German, Danish, Norwegian
KAROLIS   m   Lithuanian
KÁROLY   m   Hungarian
KAROLYN   f   English
KARRIE   f   English
LIEN   f   Dutch
LIESELOTTE   f   German
LIINA   f   Finnish
LILI   f   German, French, Hungarian
LILLI   f   German, Finnish
LILO   f   German
LILOU   f   French
LISELOT   f   Dutch
LISELOTTE   f   German, Danish
LOTTA   f   Swedish, Finnish
LOTTE   f   German, Dutch, Danish
LOTTIE   f   English
SÉARLAIT   f   Irish
SÉARLAS   m   Irish
SHARLA   f   English
SHARLEEN   f   English
SHARLENE   f   English
SIARL   m   Welsh
SJAREL   m   Limburgish
TEÀRLACH   m   Scottish
TEÀRLAG   f   Scottish
TOTTIE   f   English
TOTTY   f   English