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In Malorie Blackman's series "Noughts and crosses," Persephone's father is Kamal Hadley.
-- 00Jayd-Dani  7/24/2008
Pronounced "kah-meel".
-- Emilie007  11/7/2008
Kamil Střihavka, singer
Kamil Běhounek, composer and accordionist
Kamil Bednář, poet
Kamil Hornoch, astronomer
Kamil Krofta, politician and historian
Kamil Stoch, high jumper
Kamil Zeman, author (pseudonym Ivan Olbracht)
-- Emilie007  11/16/2008
Actor Kamil Olšovský (5. April 1913 Bernatice by Tábor - 2nd December 1975 Příbram)
Actor Kamil Běhounek
Actor Kamil Bera
Actor Kamil Bešťák (14. June 1914 Petrozseny - 29. April 1994 Karlovy Vary)
Actor Kamil Blahovec (16. July 1908 Mníšek pod Brdy - 18. December 1969, Prague)
Actor Kamil Halbich (30. October 1966, Liberec)
Director Kamil Jarmatov (24. November 1978, Moskva)
Actor Kamil Puler (1st September 1963, Prešov)
Actor Kamil Švejda
-- Emilie007  11/18/2008
I would like to correct the user Emilie007. Kamil Stoch is a famous ski jumper not a high jumper.
-- Mimu-chan  11/11/2014
Very handsome and although it is pronounced the same as Camille, it somehow leaves an entirely different impression. Love it!
-- Anonymous User  3/13/2009

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