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A famous bearer of this name is Kaoru Kamiya from the hit samurai anime/manga series Rurouni Kenshin. Kaoru is a female kendo instructer who falls in love with the clueless yet powerful rurouni (wanderer) Kenshin Himura, formally known by many as the "Hitokiri Battosai".
-- DarkShizuka  11/8/2006
There is a character from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion named Kaoru Nagisa.
-- Kurisutaru  11/13/2006
Famous bearer is Niikura Kaoru, guitarist of J-Rock band Dir en Grey.
-- ragexprincess  12/2/2006
I can't believe no one got this yet! In Ouran High School Host Club, there are two twins in the Host Club who are famous for their 'brotherly love'. Their names are Kaoru and Hikaru.
-- LaLaKisekiChan  1/31/2007
Another anime character is Kaoru Kaidoh from The Prince of Tennis anime/manga.
-- snailrevolution  5/10/2007
Another anime character bearing this name is Morita Kaoru, the older brother of Morita Shinobu from "Honey and Clover".
-- benandanti  6/21/2008
Kaoru is also the name of the Guitarist and Leader of the Japanese Rock Band "Dir en Grey".
-- Kyung  12/10/2009
What about Kaoru from "The Tale of Genji", considered by some to be the first known anti-hero in literature?
-- glowsilver  5/10/2012

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