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Karen means "pure maiden".
-- Karee  1/28/2005
May also be traced back to the Hebrew name 'Keren', which means "horn", and appears several times in that form in the Old Testament.
-- Anonymous User  9/19/2005
Also the name of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's lead singer, Karen Olzarek (Karen O.)
-- anonymous  12/1/2005
Karen Kingsbury is a popular Christian author.
-- Anonymous User  12/13/2005
Actress Karen Allen is a famous bearer.
-- Anonymous User  12/21/2005
I personally know (work with closely) eight Karens! We have had to come up with nicknames for all of them so we know which we are referring to (or say their last name too). They are all in between 40 & 50 years old.
-- christen  1/3/2006
Karen Carpenter (of the 70's pop duo The Carpenters) was a famous bearer.
-- Anonymous User  1/12/2006
Karen Kain is a famous bearer of this name. She's a famous and ground-breaking ballerina who now teaches other dancers at the National Ballet of Canada.
-- Anonymous User  2/6/2006
Karen Elson is a top fashion model and married to Jack White of the band The White Stripes.
-- khaotickharma  4/24/2006
Karen Mülder was a great top mopdel from the 80's (Dutch).
-- Anonymous User  5/4/2006
Karen, Sharon and Darren would be good names for triplets.
-- FairyGirl  7/22/2006
Keren is the Hebrew word for Ray (of light). It's a very popular Israeli female name.
-- marfa stew  9/21/2006
The mad hilarious character in Will and Grace is called Karen Walker played by Megan Mullally.
-- ClaireCFC  9/28/2006
My Danish aunt pronounced it KAH-ren. I've also known German-speaking people (Karin was their preferred spelling) who said it: ka-RIN.
-- Anneza  10/16/2006
Blah! This name is so typical and overused. It makes me think of a middle-aged woman.
-- Anonymous User  10/23/2006
It sounds like a middle-aged housewife's name.
-- Anonymous User  10/23/2006
There are authors named Karen Harper, Karen Kingsbury, Karen Robards and Karen Rose.
-- Anonymous User  11/28/2006
Karen Marie Moning is an author.
-- Missy  1/5/2007
Karen Brewer was the main character in the children's book series "Babysitters Club Little Sister".
-- Missy  1/5/2007
To me, Karen sounds like the name of an annoying girl who tags along. Of course, I could be influenced by the Dane Cook routine, lol.
-- gracielou16  1/22/2007
I think this is such a cute name, but the problem is that it sounds really dated now and makes me think of a middle-aged woman.
-- Anonymous User  6/8/2007
This is a name that has grown on me. I don't personally know one, but I like the name since it's short. If you really look at the name long enough, and forget about its past popularity, it could work.
-- WritersEye  6/19/2007
I'm sure it's pronounced differently, but apparently in Japanese, "Karen" can mean "lovely", "cute", "oppression (e.g. taxation)", "poor", "pitiful", or "sweet".

Or at least, according to this, it is.
-- Anonymous User  7/7/2007
This name, for me, is a name for all ages. My best friend, who is Karen and is fourteen, has this name. My grandma who is fifty-something also has Karen, and they both go well with the name Karen. It's an awesome name!
-- Anonymous User  7/8/2007
'Ker-en'? I have always pronounced it 'Kaah-ren.' But, then again, my Brazilian cousin is called this and she pronounces in 'Kah-reen.'
-- Surreal  7/31/2007
Karen, singer of Raison Detre.
-- RIRYKA  3/19/2008
I object to those who think this name is for a boring middle aged housewife. My friends would all agree that although I am 39, I am youthful and a lot of fun.
-- KAREN1268  4/16/2008
Beautiful and gentle. Listen to it without care and feel the rich simplicity of it.
-- EmilyOlive  7/16/2008
I am a athletic teenage Karen. I like this name becase you hardly hear it used in my age group, so it feels special to have a name that you don't hear everyday. I think that this name will become more popular in a few years.
-- Anonymous User  8/19/2008
Karen in the movie "Leave It to Beaver" was Wally's girlfriend.
-- tutugirl22  8/19/2008
"Karen" is a short story written by the Norwegian author Alexander Kielland prior to 1882, when it was published. The main character is a beautiful young girl named Karen who workes in an inn (weird sentence!). She falls in love with the, er, mailman (he did carry mail, but was a far more important than mailmen of today), and becomes pregnant. When she overhears one of the costumers telling his friend that the mailman is happily married, she drowns herself in the mire behind the inn. The story is cleverly written, and is available in English here:
-- reen8  10/21/2008
This name seems quite middle aged and youthful at the same time. It seems less chavvy than the rhyming Sharon and more suitable for a child than the similar sounding Carol.
-- Anonymous User  10/26/2008
Karen was the name of the main character in "The Red Shoes," a fairytale by Hans Christian Andersen. Her red shoes will not let her stop dancing as a punishment for her vanity. In the end her feet are cut off and she becomes a very humble, religious person.
-- britto08  2/20/2009
I'd really wish every single website about names did some actual research (like Behind the Name) and stopped stating that the meaning of Katherine and its variants is "pure." The meaning of the original name is very much uncertain, and if did originate from the Greek "katharos", it would be more appropriate to attach its meaning to the more literal sense of the word: catharsis.
-- saveoursoulissa  8/5/2009
Karen Blixen, also called Isak Dinesen, the author of Out of Africa. She ran a coffee plantation in Kenya by herself for years.
-- dramaelf  11/10/2009
This is my mum's name. It's simple and straightforward and suits her very much. I have known a couple of other people with the same name, but it doesn't seem too common these days for kids to be called this.
-- amanda82  2/10/2010
This is my mum's name and half my other friends' mums' names so it must have been popular when she was born. That might have been why she gave me a name with freak pronunciation so I wouldn't be Emily 5 in my class, lol that's not my name though. :)
-- kylaaxx  6/6/2010
I'm surprised at how much I'm beginning to like this name. I knew several Karens growing up (in the 90s), but they were all adults--none in my generation. Well, except for one Indian girl, Kiran, who'd had her name misread as "Karin" by so many that she just had her friends call her Karen. (Which is a shame, because Kiran is a beautiful name.)
Anyway... I think this is a great name. It's versatile--simple enough for a child, has enough spunk for adulthood--and has a nice sound. (And no, I don't picture a middle-aged housewife. In fact, I see Karen as a modern businesswoman.)
-- erb816  8/10/2010
Lovely but retro! Well this is my mom's name!
-- tafflemark  1/27/2011
Terrible, boring name. I don't understand the appeal of it to so many people.
-- Anonymous User  2/22/2011
Karen O, lead singer of the band, Yeah Yeah Yeahs.
-- xsai  6/3/2011
Karen Gillan, actress who is best known for her role as Amy Pond on Doctor Who.
-- quintus  6/3/2011
An awesome nom-de-plume for Karen would be Sharon. Because then if someone found out her identity, they could say "Sharon is Karen!"
-- Bazinga  12/25/2011
This name is firm but not too hard, and has a nice ring to it.
-- Hushpuppy  12/26/2011
Karen is the name of Plankton's computer wife on Spongebob Squarepants.
-- humblebee  12/30/2011
Karen is also an ethnic group living in Myanmar (Burma) and Thailand.
-- Caprice  9/9/2012
Karen is the Dark-type Elite Four member in Pokemon Gold and Silver, as well as in the remakes. She's one of my favorite characters in the series.
-- Lolth  4/12/2013
Karen is my sister's name and she has always cherished it. She will soon turn 41 and we both joke about how we haven't met any teenage or 20-something gals named Karen. I've seen many versions of the name: Karen (most common); Karan, and Karin. Karen may come back as a classic as Elizabeth and Laura have in the past.
-- chocoholic14  6/21/2014
This is my name. I'm 27 and have never met another Karen my own age, which as a teenager I hated. I went to school with Rachels, Sarahs, Haileys etc and always wished I wasn't given an 'old lady name' but now I very much appreciate having a name nobody else my age has!

I was recently in the shop and heard a mother call out to her toddler whose name was Karen. I was very excited to hear my name on a young person very refreshing compared to all the Ava, Mias, and Madisons of today!
-- Kass  9/8/2014
I think this name is cute, simple, safe, classy & sophisticated. :)
-- LoveHeartKawaii  9/25/2014
I'm not being rude or offensive to the Karens out there, but I don't like this name. I personally know two Karens, my mom and someone in my grade (Her name is spelled Karyn) and I like Karyn! It's so unique!
-- arianagrandelover1  11/15/2014

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