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In Norway Karna is a female name, a version of Katarina.
Velie  7/8/2008
Karna is also a female name in Sweden, originally a pet name for Karla.
Ylva  6/20/2007
Karna was a great archer, almost equal in skill to his half-brother, the Pandava Arjuna, who was Krishna's friend. Karna was born with armor on his body, which protected him in battle against many foes. He ripped the armor off himself in offering to the god Indra, however, so that Indra would give him a great weapon by which he could kill his brother Arjuna. However, Karna was cursed by his spiritual master, he had his death prophecied. The prophecy came true, when Karna's chariot wheel got stuck during the battle of Kurukshetra, and Arjuna slayed Karna. Only after Karna's death did Queen Kunti tell the Pandavas of their relation to Karna.
Morrigu  2/24/2005

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