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_satu_  10/24/2006
I think Karsten is a Greek name and I took it. Can you add here all names in all languages that mean Christian or Karsten, including Europe and all countries?
Karstenreddy  4/15/2016
As the website below shows, the name Karsten is also in use in Finland and Sweden. It is rare there, however - especially when compared to the prevalence of the name in Denmark and Norway.

- (in English)

With that said, Karsten (also spelled as Carsten) is also a Frisian masculine name. The etymology is the same in Frisian, i.e. it is ultimately derived from Christian. Karsten tends to be the more common spelling in West Frisian, though Carsten is certainly also seen. In North Frisian, Carsten appears to be the more common spelling instead.

- (in Dutch)
- see pages 76 and 143 of the book "Fryske foarnammen / Friese voornamen" written by Rienk de Haan
- see page 209 of "Friesche Naamlijst (Onomasticon Frisicum)" written by Johan Winkler (in 1898): (in somewhat archaic Dutch) and (in Dutch; click on the red-coloured word "document" in order to download the PDF-file)
- "Rufnamen auf den Inseln Föhr, Amrum und Sylt von ca. 1600 bis 1900" (männlich): (in German)
- (lists only bearers living in the Netherlands).
Lucille  1/18/2017

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