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In Chicago the Hungarian Merry Murderess was called Katalin Helenski. I would spell it this way: Katalyn.
― Anonymous User  3/27/2006
This is a lovely and uncommon name, it's brillant!
ClaireCFC  9/12/2006
Katalin Zamiar, whom played Kitana, Mileena, and Jade in Mortal Kombat II is a famous bearer.
aquaspirit96  9/7/2007
In Basque it is usually spelled with double -T 'Kattalin'. [noted -ed]
Airienn  9/25/2007
Lovely! Simply gorgeous name.
Skittsie13  1/10/2008
Pronounced KAWT-aw-leen. [noted -ed]
bathos  9/4/2010
This spelling form is Hungarian. Imagine that many centuries ago the Greek name Aikatarina went to Katerina and Catherine in many countries/regions. But in some places Catherine got variations like Cateline in France and Catalina in Spain (Kattalin in Euskal Herria, Basque country, that's right) and Caithlin in Ireland which might be the variation of Catherine all English speaking people are most familiar with. Well in Hungary it became Katalin and it is a very popular name there, in all generations.
chrisdahl  4/21/2011
In Finnish, the word "katalin" means "the meanest", "the most devious".
Erme Ioainna  11/25/2013
This would be a good name for a witch.
doritazurita  12/20/2015
With 190 275 bearers, Katalin is the 3rd most common feminine name in Hungary. (01/01/2016).
HerculePoirot  9/2/2016

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