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I am the only person I know who spells my name Katharyn (with the "extra" a). Many people have commented that they think it's a pretty spelling. I have always thought that it was just a "family" spelling (I'm named after my grandmother), but I guess there are more of us out there!
kwimpey  12/31/2004
Well I thought I was the only unique one with this spelling, I have had this name all of my 34 and 3/4 years, all to myself only to discover after my husband looked at this site that not only does one other person share it with me but at least two and that it's a family name, with a grandmother no less wearing it. So I, Me am not unique after all. Look forward to finding more of us Katharyns.
katharyn  8/14/2005
I, too, have this name. It's nice to know I'm not alone.
kak  11/27/2005
This is my favorite spelling of Catherine/Katherine, two beautiful names which I find way overused. I would like to use Katharyn in the future in some capacity; however, one thing I'm worried about is that my daughter's name would be constantly misspelled as either Katherine or Kathryn.
Katharyn really is lovely, though.
erb816  11/3/2010
I was named for my grandmother as well. She was named for a close friend of her mother's, named Katharyn Schmit. I was told that the spelling of Katharyn was an old German spelling.
Llamahead  1/21/2016

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