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Pronounced kaht-REEN.
Beautiful Victory  7/29/2009
Kathrine is also a German variant (and old vernacular form) of Katharine and Katharina. Pronounced kah-TREE-nə.
The name is considered very old-fashioned in its home country.
― Anonymous User  9/11/2010
Kathrine Sørland is a Norwegian fashion model, TV presenter and beauty queen who has competed in the Miss World and Miss Universe beauty pageants. Sørland won the Frøken Norge competition in 2001, and went on to represent Norway in the Miss World 2002 held at the Alexandra Palace in London, United Kingdom. She was the favourite to win the crown, but was only reaching the final five, and placed as the 3rd runner-up behind the eventual winner Miss Turkey, Azra Akın; Miss Colombia, Natalia Peralta and Miss Peru, Marina Mora. Before the pageant she was the most vocal contestant in leading calls to boycott over the Amina Lawal case. However, the pageant went ahead in Nigeria at Amina's insistence, with Sørland's participation.
cutenose  1/17/2017
My mother was named Kathrine. In Danish, it is pronounced ka-TREE-na. Her nickname in Danish was Tina.
Neskire  1/31/2017

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