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This is the Scottish version of the name "Katherine".
KatJB  5/17/2005
Re: It being Scottish - no, it's not. The Scottish versions of Catherin include Catrina, Catriona and Caitrìona, not Kathryn.
Mahora  5/27/2006
I like the spelling of this name. I have a friend named Kathryn and she is funny, friendly, and quite crazy, but she's a cool person. She doesn't like her name very much, though! :)
Tbird  7/7/2005
I really dislike this spelling of Katherine. I feel that it has sort of destroyed it. There are other spellings and forms that I do like: Katherine, Katharine, Catherine, Katarina, Katariina, Catalina, and Kateri.
― Anonymous User  8/11/2005
I love the name Kathryn. I changed my name to Kathryn nine years ago because it sounds so regal when spoken. Not Katherine, but Kathryn. It's just music to the ears.
Kat5  10/26/2005
This is my favorite spelling of Katherine (well, I like Ekaterina a lot, too). I just hate the nickname Kathy! Kitty, Kat and Kate are better nicknames for Kathryn (and all other spellings) than Kathy.
― Anonymous User  11/1/2005
I love being a Kathryn! The only thing is you have to spell it every time or people spell it Katherine. I used to be the only Kathryn around, but now 2 of my close friends are Kathryns. It can get confusing!
xXxkathrynxXx  11/19/2005
I like this spelling better than "Cathryn", "Catherine" or "Kathrine"
Lakota_so_italian  1/24/2006
This spelling of this name will always remind me of the antagonist, named Kathryn, from the movie Cruel Intentions.
― Anonymous User  2/19/2006
This is my name, and I've grown to love it - though EVERYONE calls me Kat and most don't even realize that my full name is Kathryn. My mom named me after Hepburn because she thought I was born on her birthday, but most sources have her name spelt Katherine and her birthday the day before mine :)
kathrynv  4/2/2006
Kathryn Erbe is an actress. She plays Alexandra Eames in Law and Order: Criminal Intent.
― Anonymous User  4/30/2006
Famous bearer - former Disney child voice actress, Kathyrn Beaumont (now a teacher). She played Alice in "Alice and Wonderland" and Wendy Darling for "Peter Pan."
― Anonymous User  6/1/2006
Kathryn Elizabeth has been a family name on my mother's side for generations, but up until a few days ago I always thought that everyone with this name on my mom's side spelled it like Katherine! I guess you learn something new every day. Anyway, my grandmother wasn't called by her first name, but she was called Betty because of her middle name. My aunt is called Kathy, and my cousin is called Katie. All in all, I think Kathryn is a wonderful name.
― Anonymous User  8/7/2006
Apparently Kathryn and other variations of this name comes from the Greek word 'Katheros', meaning 'pure'.
eight_nine  9/2/2006
Kathryn Scott is a Christian music artist.
― Anonymous User  11/11/2006
My name is Kathryn and I really like this spelling much more than Cathryn, Katherine, and Catherine. I get called Katie usually (actually the only people that call me Kathryn are the Orthosontist and the Doctor). My friends sometimes call me Kit-Kat.
flipflop1215  12/5/2006
One of my best friends name's is Kathryn and she absolutely hates being called Kathy and some people still call her Katie after numerous corrections. That's annoying for any name :-). We call her Kat sometimes and I call her Katharena to get her attention occasionally ;-). This name is great, and by far the best version of this name.
rubberduckiiz2  1/5/2007
There is an author named Kathryn Lasky.
bibi66  1/14/2007
Kathryn Janeway is the captain of the Voyager in Star Trek: Voyager.
Nicola17  2/19/2007
This is my aunt's name as well as my middle name. I think it is a lovely name. The "-rine" forms I would tend to pronounce kath-REEN but this one is spelt the way it is pronounced.
― Anonymous User  4/20/2007
My great-grandma spelled her name like this. I like the full version, Katherine, a bit better though.
CharlieRob  5/7/2007
I love this name. I especially like how the "y" makes an "i" sound! I like all names with that. And the meaning is good too - "pure".
flamestar  5/10/2007
This name annoys me because I know so many Kathryns. I know an Anna Kathryn, Laura Kathryn and all kinds of Kathryns. So it just seems overused to me.
― Anonymous User  5/13/2007
I'm a Kathryn and am very insistent that I'm called Kathryn and not Kathy (which I can't stand). I've never been crazy about my name, but I get compliments on it all the time. The way other people view it has made a positive difference in my own impression of it.
Katzpur  5/24/2007
My full name is Katherine, and I've always disliked it, but ever since I found this spelling, I've fallen in love with it. Kathryn looks much more... feminine? I'm not sure why, but I prefer it more. However, my brother says it sounds super feminist, like respelling womyn.

Although I prefer this version, I presume it would cause trouble with people misspelling it frequently.
katemoose  8/21/2007
I hate this spelling! It looks tacky and lacks the history that Catherine and Katherine have. It looks like the parents were illiterate.
melrose452  10/17/2007
This name seems goofy to me because it is only 2 syllables (not 3 like Katherine). But still, it's not that bad compared to totally made up names.
Also, shouldn't name be marked as Modern English instead of just English?
mhavril39  10/17/2007
I adore this spelling! It is much more classic than "Katherine". That just sounds kinda weird.
BelleBeauty  10/23/2007
Actress Melinda Clarke & Ernest Mirich have a daughter Kathryn Grace Mirich.
Maggie_Simpson  12/19/2007
My real name is Kathryn, although most people usually call me Katie and have no clue my name is Kathryn. Although everyone calls me Katie, I wish I could be Kathryn sometimes. I've heard people call me Kat, Kath, Katie, Kathleen (even though this is not my name!), Catalina, and God knows what else! Anyway, I would totally recommend this name to parents who wanted to name their daughter Kathryn/Katherine/Katharina/Catherine. Oh, by the way, alert about the name Kathryn: when people freak out and get mad at you, they will totally call you Kathryn. I remember people that get annoyed at me for what ever reason call me Kathryn. I really used to dislike my name, especially due to all the stereotypes about it, but it sounds very royal. If you like names that sound royal, sophisticated, and classic, go for this name. If you like more modern names, go for something else.
Katkittycat  12/22/2007
This name reminds me frequently of Kathryn Morris on Cold Case.
― Anonymous User  1/5/2008
I don't get why people hate this name so much. Kathryn isn't my favorite name of the Katherine family (I prefer Katharina) but it's not horrible. Yeah, so it's a contracted form of Katherine. Tamsin's a contracted form of Thomasina, but you don't see people hating it because of that.
Skittsie13  1/25/2008
I love this spelling, because as well as having a vaguely Tudor feel to it (wasn't Henry VIII's last wife usually spelled 'Kathryn'?), the way it is written makes me think of a lovely necklace. It's the downward stroke of the 'K', and the tail of the 'y', that point towards each other. And the act of putting a necklace on somebody is usually a loving one; that's why this would be a good name for somebody who was cherished!
aquamarina  2/29/2008
What so bad about KathERINE? I actually perfer that way of spelling. Katherine just seems more softer, plus it's one of my friend's names. She usually goes by Katherine, not Katie or anything, which I'm glad about because I detest those nicknames. Kate, Kathy, Kat, or even Kitty is WAY better than Katie, IMO.
spaz123  3/1/2008
I agree. Why is there all this fuss about the spelling? But as I stated in the comments for the other spelling, I think Katherine is more playful and Kathryn is more serious. It's also easier to find in a word search.
FangzV  4/10/2008
My name is Kathryn and I love the way it is spelled and spoken. I am really glad my parents chose this name for me, as I think it sounds beautiful when said properly. Most of my close friends and family call me "Kat", "Kitty Kat", or "Katarina" playfully. I also love the meaning of this name and this spelling certainly is more impressive than the others, the only problem is it's harder to find keyrings or fridge magnets with this spelling! If I wasn't called Kathryn, I would seriously consider calling my daughter Kathryn.
katmac17  5/28/2008
I've never seen anything corroborating this, but it is a Danish form of the name Katherine. My Danish great-grandmother was named Kathryn, and so is my mom and everyone in the family has always insisted that this is the Danish version of Katherine. In any case, I've always prefered the traditional Katherine spelling and am thankful that my mom didn't name me Leah Kathryn like she wanted too. My mom and I DO agree though, that the nicknames Kate and Katie are our least favorite names EVER - can't stand how cutesy/saccarin they sound, gives me a toothache just saying those names. Kathy, Kitty, Kit, Kat are nice nicknames though.
caplea128  6/14/2008
This is my name and I love it. Apart from the fact that no one can spell it. They always confuse it with other ways of spelling it but there are a lot of variations. If I had the choice of naming my child Kathryn or Katherine I would pick Kathryn. I mean it's easier to spell, it's pretty and it sounds nice too.
KaT. xo  7/28/2008
Kathryn Stuart, actress, born 22th August 1984, Sonora, California.
Emilie007  9/2/2008
This spelling is better than Catherine/Katherine because it is pronounced the way that it looks.
Hushpuppy  11/18/2008
My aunty is called Kathryn, it just sounds so sophisticated and pretty. =]
lighthousepizza  2/15/2009
I don't really like this spelling the best, but it's alright, it's widely used and has been used for a long time, so it's not like the parents were being TOTALLY creative. I also have a friend named Katherine and that is my favorite spelling of the name. I don't like the nicknames Kate/Katie/Kathy but I love the nicknames Kat and Kitty. Most people call my friend Katherine Kat occasionally, like just for fun and stuff and we call Kathryn Kitty in the same manner. B.T.W., if you're going to use the name Katherine/Kathryn please choose a middle name besides Elizabeth! Thank you! Oh, and I also use the nickname Kit-Kat, that's my FAVORITE nickname for this name.
baileymarissa  5/7/2009
Kathryn is so pretty, when I hear the name I think of a rose or tiger lily and a daffodil.
Gods.daughter  5/13/2009
My sister's name is Kathryn, and I once suggested she use "Rinnie" as her nickname. It is different, but still decent.
Mary Jack  7/16/2009
Kathryn Elizabeth Hudson aka "Katy Perry".
― Anonymous User  8/25/2009
Kathryn Morris is a famous bearer. She is best known for playing Detective Lilly Rush in the CBS drama Cold Case.
DestructoGirl  9/20/2009
I love my name! When I was younger, however, I went through this phase where I hated my name so I had my teachers call me Katie. Worst mistake EVER! It can also be annoying having to tell people how to spell it. Like when people ask, "Is it with a C or a K?" and I say K but then have to spell my name for them after seeing them spell it Katherine for instance. Sometimes I wish it were spelled the traditional way, but other times I enjoy being unique.
KathrynLayne  3/7/2010
Yuk. This spelling *butchers* the elegant, classic Katherine. It's a dumbed down spelling. Why do people dumb themselves down?
queenv  6/5/2010
"Kathryn" is my name, spelled in such a way because it was the way my great-grandmother spelled it. It's a simpler spelling - no silent 'e's here :) - but I do find it a bit wearing when I have to spell it for others. It has a rather more rustic look to it than "Catherine," which in my mind is a little too embellished. But I'm biased; I'm proud to spell my name the way it is. It's not "dumbing down" or "destroying" the name (in that line of thought, perhaps we all should be using the original Greek alphabet's spelling); it's just taking a different perspective on an old classic. And it's one I rather like. :)
luminaviridantes  6/7/2010
This is my middle name and is my favourite name in the "Catherine" family. The spelling is short and sweet, spelled the way it's pronounced. This is also the only name I really like with a "Y" taking the place of an "I" sound. It manages to still sound traditional and beautiful.
Visibly-Me  8/6/2010
Of King Henry VIII's six wives, three were named Katherine. Traditionally, they were Catherine of Aragon, Kathryn Howard, and Katherine Parr. It should be noted that standardized spelling was not common place, and one could spell one's name as one desired within the confines of the language.
KrisMichelle  10/18/2010
No. Just no. Stick to Katherine.
― Anonymous User  10/19/2010
This is an awesome spelling of the traditional Catherine/Katherine. I've always loved the sound, but found those two names overused and... well, weak. And I realized that it was the spelling. Now, sticking a 'y' in a name usually lends it a trendy vibe, but Kathryn is an established name. (And to answer another poster's question, Henry's 5th wife--often called Catherine Howard--may have actually spelled her name Katheryn.)

My favorite variant of the name is actually Katharyn, but I feel like if I actually used that variant on a future daughter, she would get her name misspelled *all the time*, with people forgetting the second 'a'. But Kathryn, though slightly shorter, is still an awesome spelling--much stronger than Catherine/Katherine.
erb816  11/11/2010
I prefer this name to Katherine and Catherine, but that's probably because I know a Kathryn and she's the nicest, funniest person I know.
Megan1125  11/27/2010
Why is Kathyrn so popular? Katherine is so classic. This just makes parents look like they're trying too hard.
Dawson  12/19/2010
This is one of my favorite spellings of the name (second only to Catherine). Normally, I don't like alternate spellings of names, but I think that Kathryn is an established name that can stand on its own. I don't think that it's a trashy or ruined form of Katherine. I actually think that the y gives it a softer, more feminine feel than spelling it Katherine (not that Katherine isn't also lovely and feminine).
― Anonymous User  1/5/2011
This is my mom's name. I really like it; it's beautiful.

Kathryn Lasky is an author.
Joy12  5/4/2011
This is my least favourite spelling of Katherine. I much prefer Catherine or Katheryn.
alma_aindop  5/10/2011
This spelling looks ugly! Katherine is the most beautiful spelling I think.
― Anonymous User  5/20/2011
Singer-actress Kathryn Grayson (1922-2010).
moonbaby9307  12/29/2012
Although I hate "creative" spellings I like Kathryn because it's not in that category, having often been used in England in medieval and Tudor times. As someone says above, its merit also lies in the fact that it's a true indication of the way Catherine is pronounced. While it's not as classic as Catherine/Katherine it is certainly legitimate, and far from trashy.
I think it makes a good middle name for a very short first name such as Lucy that might seem out of balance if Katherine was used along with a long surname.
― Anonymous User  2/8/2013
This is Valerie Harper's middle name.
Ruta Graveolens  11/29/2013
I love the name Kathryn. Don't know why Catherine and Katherine are even spelt that way, people don't pronounce it like that.
Hushpuppy  6/24/2014
One of Henry the Eighth's wives.
Ellster999  1/10/2015
Kathryn Crosby, wife of 1940's-50's crooner Bing.
cj19  4/1/2015
My favorite spelling is Catherine (3 syllables), but I like the 2-syllable Kathryn spelling if you want to use the nickname Katie or Kate.
cj19  4/1/2015
I love the name Kathryn, my dad named me that with that particular spelling because it looked pretty next to my last name. He said I couldn't have a nickname but he was the first to call me Kat-Rat and now my friends call me Kat.
― Anonymous User  8/14/2015
Kathryn is a beautiful name.
― Anonymous User  8/14/2015
This is my name. I was named after my great grandmother. I like it, and I do get compliments on it. There aren't too many mispronunciations, in case expecting parents are worried about that. The downsides are that I always have to spell it, and since K/Catherine is a popular name there are always 2 or 3 saying "yes" when someone calls your name. Other than that I think it's great, and it's nice being named something that's been beloved for so many years.
Kathy D.  9/19/2015
I feel like the Y near the end gives it a sort of modern feeling while still looking quite proper and not completely constructed, like many modern names that use apostrophes or unconventional vowels.

I'm very happy to have this as a middle name.
― Anonymous User  12/13/2015
My mom named me Kathryn after her mother and great aunt. My daughter also has the name Kathryn as a second middle name in honor of her great grandmother who died 6 months before she was born. I go by Kathy. My family only calls me by my given name.
― Anonymous User  6/9/2016
My mum's name is Kathryn and everyone calls her Kat'.
My dad's name is Simon so if any one wants both of them they say Katsi or Kat's eye.
I Adore it and I personally don't like the name Kathleen or Cathrien.
― Anonymous User  8/4/2016
Kathryn "Kathie" Lee Gifford is an American television host, singer, songwriter, comedian, and actress, best known for her 15-year run on the talk show Live! With Regis and Kathie Lee, which she co-hosted with Regis Philbin. She has received 11 Daytime Emmy nominations and won her first Daytime Emmy in 2010 as part of the Today team.
cutenose  5/12/2017
Kathryn Bolkovac is a former American police investigator from Nebraska. She worked as a UN International Police Force monitor. She came to prominence when she sued her employers for unfair dismissal after she lost her job following her attempts to expose sex trafficking in Bosnia. Her story was shown in the film The Whistleblower.
lilolaf  6/15/2017
Kathryn McKinnon Berthold, known professionally as Kate McKinnon, is an American comedian and actress. A cast member on Saturday Night Live and The Big Gay Sketch Show, she also appeared as Dr. Jillian Holtzmann in the 2016 Ghostbusters reboot.
cutenose  6/15/2017
Kathryn Bernardo (March 26, 1996), is a famous Filipino young actress that has appeared in TV shows and movies in the Philippines, and is very popular among teenagers and young adults alike.
rhysraphaeldt  9/1/2017

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