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I like the spelling of Kati, it's really sweet and cute. My name is Katie, but I do like my spelling a bit more.
katiedid  2/27/2007
Kati is way better than Katie, Katy, Kaytie or Catie. I love it as Kati-Louise, it just flows well.
Koolgal  3/24/2007
Listen to the German pronunciation of Kati here:
_satu_  4/26/2008
Finnish pronunciation is KAH-tee.
Yippal  7/31/2009
A famous bearer is Kati Wilhelm.
Frozten  2/21/2010
Kati is also a common name in Estonia. [noted -ed]
Britttu  6/5/2010
In my opinion, this name sounds a bit childish in Finnish and is better when used as a nickname only.
Kati in English, however, is an awful spelling error that is tacky even as a nickname.
― Anonymous User  6/5/2012
My name is Kati. It is pronounced like Kay-Tee. It is a good name. It is a good spelling.
Living as Kati is great.
theamericanbandwhore  10/13/2015

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