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Male name in Estonia, meaning loon, the diving bird (gavia arctica).
KRISTEL  2/11/2007
All female Sikhs have the middle name Kaur, it means Princess in Sanskrit.
Rama  6/15/2007
Pronounced KIR, according to my Indian friend who bears this as a middle name.
emmiix3  1/29/2009
I love the way this name looks, the way it sounds, the way it is.
I've never heard this as a first name, but frequently as a middle name. I think it's vastly overused for a middle name, but a refreshing change as a forename. It's a lovely name with a lovely meaning.
xsai  6/26/2011
I know a Sikh girl whose surname is Kaur. It's a unique and interesting name; very pretty.
― Anonymous User  5/9/2017

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