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I went to Legoland and there was a person who was doing name checks and she said that "Kayla" meant a tiara made up of flowers!
crazylizardgirl  4/19/2005
Kayla is my name and I've never liked it. My mom also got it from Days of Our Lives. My middle name too, Renee.
kra  9/13/2007
Pronounced "Kie-lah".
Emilie007  6/13/2008
Pronounced "Kyla".
MaggieSimpson  1/31/2009
My name too is Kayla Renee :) I go by Kayla, Kay, and (my best friends nickname for me) Kay-Kay Renee :) I heard the name Kayla means Banana in another language XD.
KaylaKool  6/18/2012
I was at a talk about Jewish items in a museum this weekend. One item was a piece of porcelain inscribed with the name of bride and groom. It dated from very early 18th century Germany - 1715 or thereabouts. The names of the nuptial couple were Meir and Kayla. When the rabbi who was describing the items pronounced the bride's name - "kyla" - a few people thought immediately of the Aussie girl's name Kylie. How interesting to know that Kayla has history and meaning!
Just Jonquil  2/24/2014

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