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This is actually my middle name. Many people get mixed up on how to say it (Ka-Zoo-Ko). Some say it like Kazoo-Ko but you stress the "Ka" (Ka-Zooko). There is another meaning behind it: "Peace and Serenity".
-- AlexYokomizo  9/7/2005
Most commonly peace/calm-child, but other possibilities exist. Could be 2 or 3 kanji in the name, depending on which characters you choose:

-joyous (celebration)


-by the sea


This name has been very common over the years, but names with "ko" at the end are becoming less common now. Some parents might choose Kazue or Kazumi instead.
-- abbasdaughter  12/26/2005
It's often pronounced Kazko without the u even though it's still spelled the same.
-- abbasdaughter  12/26/2005
Japanese name's meaning depends on the character. So not always same meaning. But this name became very so popular after World War 2. Because most people named Kazuko used character meaning "Peace". But also another character which people use means "1" so the meaning is "first child". So many family had so many kids that time, so they just named them "Kazuko-means first child" same as "Ichiro-means first boy". My uncle's name's meaning is "13th boy". So Kazuko was the most popular name in the age. So now it is not so popular at all because people think it is an old people name. Also some people used another character which is my name. Meaning ka is flower and zu is fresh, joy, ko is child. Ko was very popular character for the end of names for girls, not anymore though, reason is also same Kazuko. [noted -ed]
-- kazuko  12/23/2006
Kazuko Sugiyama is a Japanese voice actress.
-- Lolth  5/9/2013

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