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This name is quite pretty. It's a nice variation on the more traditional Anna. Sometimes it's spelt with only one n, which I personally prefer.
scarletquillraven  1/25/2008
Another variation of the origin of Keanna is that it is a variant of Kiana, which is either the feminine form of the name Kian, or the Hawaiian form of Diana.
Skittsie13  2/19/2008
This one sounds like something young and naive lower middle class parents would pick for their daughter because ''it sounds so cute on a little girl''. I don't find the name cute at all, and it's very difficult to imagine this on a woman. It's quite unimaginative and lazily put together, as well.
slight night shiver  4/25/2008
No, this name is an insult to your little daughter! It looks and sounds low-class and her future employers will likely think that also; believe it or not, children are not toddlers forever. Who will take a woman named "Keanna" seriously? On top of that, this name means nothing! Stop throwing sounds together and take the time to learn an actual name!
gaelruadh19  1/27/2009
"Who will take a woman named "Keanna" seriously?" Well excuse me, but I would. I find that comment rude, classist and hurtful. If you would refuse a person a job just because they're called Keanna, then that's your fault, not the fault of anyone who actually has this name, or their parents.
― Anonymous User  12/24/2009
Despite the reputations of "ghetto" names like Shaniqua and Taniqua--basically any name ending in "-iqua"--Keanna and Kiana aren't even bad! They actually sound pretty, and don't look odd when written. I don't get the negative reaction to this name.
erb816  12/27/2009
I have a friend named Keana. She pronounces it Kee-ah-na.
― Anonymous User  11/27/2010
Pronounced KEE-ahn-ah - A variation in spelling is Kyanna.
― Anonymous User  8/29/2011
Well, when I see these comments about my name I hate them! And guess what? My name is completely original! And I'm glad my mother named me this because I don't care what other people think and neither do my employers, so back the hell up cause I'm only gonna say it once- it's a GREAT name and I'm proud of it! Oh ya, and my name is pronounced Key-Anna!
Keanna  11/5/2014
I absolutely love my name. It means God's gregarious gift. And it is pronounced
KeAnna Lorial  12/17/2016

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