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Also the name of famous American actor, Keanu Reeves.
-- svkempe  4/12/2005
This name is Hawaiian for "mist over the mountains".
-- BellaElizabeth  6/20/2005
Keanu does NOT mean "mist over the mountains." Mist has many translations in Hawaiian; the primary one is "noe." Mountain is "mauna." Keanu is not derived from either of these words.
-- Jenna R  2/15/2006
Dude! This name's, like, totally in the top 1,000 now. Like, what could cause that?
-- Anonymous User  9/8/2005
Keanu literally means "the coolness." Anu means "cool" or "coolness," and ke is a Hawaiian equivalent of "the."
-- Jenna R  2/15/2006
I love this name and the meaning is just so nice.
-- Jasmine  2/24/2007
I do love this name. I think Keanu Reeves has made it more popular, hence its place on the top 1000. It kinda sounds like "canoe", though.
-- Georgia_kh  4/24/2007
No matter how macho the roles Keanu Reeves takes may be, I'll still always feel like this is a girl's name, in sound and meaning.
-- leananshae  12/29/2007
And if it is a Hawaiian phrase, the correct pronunciation would be KAY-ah-noo not, kee-AH-noo.
-- leananshae  12/29/2007
Being named after some actor because your mom used to think he was hot and being stuck with a foreign-sounding name that hasn't really caught on must suck.
-- slight night shiver  4/25/2008
I know it's a real name, but now it would look obvious that the parents using it are obsessed with Keanu Reeves. Celebrity-inspired names like this will totally date the bearer.
-- bananarama  9/9/2009
Well, it sounds pretty nice, but it should only be used by Hawaiians. Otherwise it just seems like the child was named after Keanu Reeves.
-- Louska  1/15/2011
I named my daughter Zoe because my husband and I didn't agree, because we are of different nationalities, so we decided on a name to go with their status as inter-racial baby, plus the meaning is very cute and powerful "LIVE"
-- Anonymous User  10/24/2014

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