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This is my firstborn son's name, his mother wanted Keagan but personally I didn't like that so we agreed on Keelan, which I preferred because it rolls off the tongue far better.
laurie  12/20/2017
My cousin's name is this, he's male, and for him it's spelled "Keylan." I think it's very cool to spell it like that. He was named after my great-grandfather, "Keylon." It's a family name (not surname, just first) and I'm planning on naming my daughter this. I think it works for both male and female, I wish this was my name. My cousin is annoying though, so I don't want him to think I'm naming my daughter after him. :P

Hope anyone with this name is proud to have it, because I'm jealous! I got stuck with plain and boring "Sarah". In fact, I think I'm partial to names that start with K. :P
keegankira  10/22/2006
I'm excited to be one of the first to comment on this name. I carry this name, proudly, and am male. In fact, the only Keelans I've ever heard of are male, or (even more commonly in my experience) it is used as a surname. Also, the meaning that I am familiar with is "small, slender one". :)
keebo_cotton  1/12/2006
Also spelled Keelin, and meaning "slender, fair".
Saphira  10/28/2005

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