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I like Keelin because it's very feminine and ignorant parents who want a girl won't name their sons this.
― Anonymous User  1/30/2018
I named my daughter Keelin, so I obviously love the name. I loved that it was beautiful and different, and it can be somewhat gender neutral - I've had people call me about Keelin who do not know her and incorrectly assume she is a boy.

She likes her name - it's nice to have a name where all someone has to do is say "Keelin" and people know who it is. Unlike my daughter, who knows several Kayla's and Briana's and I'm always asking "which one?"

Her friends and her sister call her "Kee".
katiefaye  1/4/2017
My name is Keelyn. Pronounced KEY-lynn. I simply love my name! Almost every time Ive ever introduced myself to anyone people have told me how beautiful my name is. While being a kid I did get the famous Keelin over comment it did not last long.
Keelyn  6/1/2013
I adore the name Keelin, but I prefer to spell it Keelyn. It looks more feminine that way. I know about the horrific "y" trend and mucking up classic names with American spelling, and usually I'm against that, but in this case... maybe it's just evolving like names always do. It isn't like I spell it Qeelyn'ne or anything. Still, quite pretty! (although the aforementioned keeling over does come to mind, but is worth ignoring).
Book_Reader22  1/31/2011
Makes me think of keeling over. Other than that it's cute.
Chrila96  12/16/2010
I live in Ireland and we actually pronounce Caoilfhoinn and Caoilinn as Key-lin the majority of the time.
MeganBridget  12/7/2010
While I don't really care for this name, I admit that it sounds a lot pettier than the unanglicized Caoilfhionn.
bananarama  10/2/2009
The Irish pronounce it "qweelin".
Dianna475  4/4/2008
My best friend's mother is named Keelinne I love how it's spelt.
outsiders_fan  2/23/2008
My name is Kelin, and it's just an alternate spelling of this name. I think it's interesting spelled this way, and it's probably easier for people to pronounce it, but I have to say I like the way my name is spelled better.
― Anonymous User  11/18/2007
Keelin seems like a more masculine name in my opinion, but that is probably just me.
― Anonymous User  2/3/2007
My male cousin's name is Keylan. Pronounced the same. We've always considered it a family name, passed down through several generations (though not consequitively). One of our grandfathers spelled it Keylon, but my aunt and uncle changed it a bit and spelled it Keylan. While my cousin is spoiled and annoying, and I normally hate the thought of naming my children with the same names as people who annoy me, I am absolutely in love with the name. I want to name my child this, boy or girl. If I have a girl, maybe I'll spell it Keylynn or Keylin, not really sure. But I love the Key-spelling. "Keelin" seems a little too "stereotypically modern" I guess. More like the spelling of a nickname. But Keylan seems more secure and a stronger way of spelling it.
keegankira  8/19/2006
This is really cute, only problem may be that it sounds quite made up. Keely/Keeley would make nice nicknames, Keelin could also be a good middle name alternative to just plain overused Lynn.
Destry  3/4/2006

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