Names Related to Kees

Names that are related to KEES:
CAI (1)   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
CAJ   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
CEES   m   Dutch
COKKIE   f   Dutch
CONNIE   f & m   English
CORIE   f   English
CORNÉ   m   Dutch
CORNEILLE   m   French (Archaic)
CORNEL   m   Romanian
CORNELIA   f   English, Italian, German, Dutch, Romanian, Ancient Roman
CORNÉLIE   f   French
CORNÉLIO   m   Portuguese
CORNELIO   m   Spanish, Italian
CORNELIS   m   Dutch
CORNELIU   m   Romanian
CORNELIUS   m   Ancient Roman, English, Dutch, German, Biblical
CORNELL   m   English
CORRIE   f   English, Dutch
KAI (1)   m   Frisian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Finnish, Dutch
KAJ (1)   m   Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
KAY (3)   m   Frisian, German, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish
KEES   m   Dutch
KERNEELS   m   Dutch
KORNÉL   m   Hungarian
KORNEL   m   Polish, Czech, Slovak
KORNELI   m   Georgian
KORNÉLIA   f   Hungarian
KORNELIA   f   German, Polish
KORNÉLIE   f   Czech
KORNELIJA   f   Croatian, Serbian
NELE   f   German
NIELS (2)   m   Dutch