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I like the original spelling of Caoimhe much better, but I think that it would be mispronounced often in the United States.
― Anonymous User  1/31/2007
I love both Caoimhe and Keeva. I'd use the Irish spelling in Ireland only, the other one in every other English part of the world.
LoQuiero  10/23/2007
I know a girl named Keeva but she spells it Kiva. For some reason everyone tries to pronounce it Kyva and she has to say "No. It rhymes with Diva!"
Mystic  11/24/2008
I prefer the spelling Kiva and I think it's quite obvious that it rhymes with diva!
Mairead  9/13/2010
I like the spelling Kieva a little more than Kiva and Keeva. Keeva just sounds like a pet name and Caoimhe would be mispronouced in other countries. It is good for Ireland though :)
― Anonymous User  6/7/2013
Actress Alyson Hannigan and her husband, actor Alexis Denisof, have a daughter named Keeva Jane.
wbbuff  4/10/2015
Princess Keeva of Nigeria.
Born 14/05/2015
Born in Nigeria.
― Anonymous User  1/27/2016
It's a beautiful name. The original spelling looks more attractive, but it would be constantly mispronounced, here in England. On balance, I feel that the phonetic spelling is more usable.
Paula Puddephatt  5/26/2017

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