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Keighley is a fanciful spelling variant on the name Keeley or Keely. I did a lot of research on this old Gaelic name and it has existed for a long time. I didn't make it up, nor is it pronounced Kaylee (or Keithley). My daughter loves her name!
-- cmclaura  4/7/2005
Keighley is pronounced Keeley, not Kaylee.
-- cmclaura  4/7/2005
I knew a woman when I lived in England with this name. The sound and spelling of it is so beautiful. I kept it filed away in my head for 8 years, until I had my daughter and bestowed the name upon her. Very few people can ever pronounce it correctly, and she'll very likely never find a badge in a shop with her name already on it, but nearly everyone who hears (and especially sees) the name is dramatically impressed by it. Vive le Keighley!
-- cmclaura  4/7/2005
There is a town in Yorkshire called Keighley, pronounced "KEETH-lee". As a name though, it's generally "KEE-lee" or less often, "KAY-lee".
-- Elly747  4/11/2005
This looks like a terrifying variant of Kayley, to me. As previous comments suggest, it seems it would be a nightmare to get anyone to pronounce it favorably.
-- Anonymous User  9/18/2006
I love the name Keeley, but this spelling of it looks very tacky. It's a little long, and there are endless pronunciation possibilities. Keighley looks like it was made up by somebody who tried to be original, which I respect, but it looks like they tried too hard. Definitely not my favorite name.
-- Lena Is A Secret  11/25/2006
Keighley is a town in West Yorkshire, England.
-- toothfairy  2/10/2008
Pronounced KEITH-lee, KEITH-lay.
-- toothfairy  2/10/2008
What a horrible variant of the "name" Kaylee. It's so stupid and babyish! Most of our lives are spent in adulthood, not childhood, and a name like Keighley is not going to look good on a grown woman.
-- bananarama  4/23/2010
Keighley (pronounced KEE-lee) is a habitational name from a place so named in West Yorkshire, recorded in Domesday Book as _Chichelai_, apparently named with an Old English personal name _Cyhha_ + Old English _leah_ ‘woodland clearing’. [noted -ed]
-- Kate  6/14/2011
What the... Is it pronounced kaylee, keely, or Kylie? Doesn't matter to me, I hate all three of those trendy, cutesy names personally. This is absolutely dreadful to the eyes and the ears.
-- Anonymous User  3/2/2013

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