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Kendall Jenner is an American fashion model and television personality. Originally known for appearing in the E! Reality television show Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Jenner is now also a model in a movement dubbed "the Instagirl era" by Vogue magazine, or "Social Media Modeling" by Harper's Bazaar, where models are chosen due to their online presence and social media following.
lilolaf  1/25/2017
Kendall Vertes is on the reality TV show Dance Moms.
― Anonymous User  9/3/2015
Kendall Schmidt is an American actor, singer & song writer
Member of the American music group Big Time Rush.
― Anonymous User  5/6/2013
Kendall Jenner is a famous bearer, daughter of Kris and Bruce Jenner. Sister of Kim, Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian. Kendall has appeared in many Keeping Up with the Kardashian's episodes.
― Anonymous User  2/26/2012
Kendall Morris is Miss Texas 2011.
― Anonymous User  12/25/2011
Kendall Schmidt plays Kendall Knight on Big Time Rush. It's a show for tweens on Nick about 4 boys who join a band.
TeamPeeta4ever  9/27/2010
Kendall Jenner is the daughter of Kris and Bruce Jenner and younger sister of Kim, Khole and Kourtney Kardashian. She is also known for being one of the stars of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" along with her sister and the rest of her family.
― Anonymous User  12/31/2009
The second season of Veronica Mars introduced a, not very nice, female character named Kendall. It's better as a male name.
― Anonymous User  11/5/2006
Kendall Hart is a character on the American soap opera All My Children, played by Sarah Michelle Gellar from 1993 to 1995.
― Anonymous User  1/12/2006

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