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It's the name of a vampire slayer on Buffy. And quite pretty too.
― Anonymous User  1/25/2007
The name of an MTV VJ in the 90's whose name became a lot more popular than she did.
elizabeth hamlet  10/28/2007
I'm suprised that no one mentioned the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
Lady Seashell  6/26/2008
I always think of JFK's brother, Bobby.
welovejamesarness  6/26/2008
There's a band called the Dead Kennedys. I have no idea who they are beyond the fact that I dislike their name, however.
Pippin  6/26/2008
Kennedy was born in Berlin, Germany, and spent the rest of her life traveling and living all over the world, both with her family and as an international fashion model. She experience the world and other cultures, which resulted in her pursuit of an anthropology degree. Before going to medical school, she considered making travel documentaries. She got to see the world and live in Europe, Asia, South America, and the Middle East, which were all amazing experiences! As a model, she does runway, TV commercials, catalogues, print ads, promotions, short films, independent movies, and a lot of fantastic magazines. She went to medical school with the intention of taking her love for aesthetics and creating works of art through plastic surgery. Three years into medical school, she would become a Playboy Playmate.
cutenose  3/11/2017

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