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Actor Kenneth Branagh is a famous bearer.
Elphi  12/21/2005
Kenneth Cole is a designer. I just got sunglasses with Kenneth Cole written on the sides, which I like because my dad's name is Kenneth.
susi  7/18/2006
Kenneth - a great name! These people would agree: Kenny Loggins (Rock artist), Kenny Rogers (Vocalist), Kenny Chesney (Country artist), Kenny G (Jazz Sax player), Kenneth Copeland (Christian evangelist), Ken Lay (Enron founder), Kenn Duncan (NYC Photographer), Kenneth Graeme (Author), Kenneth Hagin (Christian evangelist), and Kenny (South Park cartoon character).
Kenn  9/9/2006
Kenneth McCormick is the full name of the South Park character "Kenny" (who is famous for his orange parka and always dieing).
― Anonymous User  5/2/2007
What's the Frequency, Kenneth?" is a song by the rock group R.E.M. from their 1994 album Monster. In October 1986 two men assaulted Dan Rather on Park Avenue NYC. One of them kept shouting "Kenneth, what's the frequency?" William Tager, the vocal assailant, later insisted that he was sent from the future in a parallel universe. He said that everyone from that universe has a double in this one in the past, and that he mistook Rather for his double, Vice President Kenneth Burroughs. He said that Kenneth knew the secret TV/radio wave frequency that was being used to block Tager from returning home. Nutty, huh? The song is awesome, though.
VictoriaCalledTori  6/12/2007
Kenneth Robert McCuaghey is one of the McCaughey septuplets. His parents aren't famous, but he's pretty close to being.
Patricia Underwood  3/23/2008
Interestingly enough, just like peta, I associate this name with strength and courage. This probably has to do with its bearer Kenneth Anderson (1910–1974), an Indian writer of real-life adventure stories and a hunter with a love and great knowledge of wildlife. He killed many man-eating tigers and leopards to eliminate the threat they posed to villages and jungle dwelling tribes.
that one  10/15/2010
Kenneth Armitage (1916-2002) was a British sculptor.
― Anonymous User  8/27/2011
Kenneth McKenzie Clark (1903-1983) was a British art historian, administrator, patron and collector.
― Anonymous User  12/13/2011
Kenneth Elton Kesey (1935), author of 'One flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest'.
― Anonymous User  5/2/2012
Kenneth (Kenny) Wormald played Ren McCormack in the latest Footloose movie.
felltheblackwolf  11/18/2012
Lieutenant Kenneth "Ken" Leeds is a character on the Canadian sci-fi show "Primeval: New World". He is portrayed by Geoff Gustafson.
Fray  3/19/2013
Kenneth Erskine is a British serial killer who became known as the Stockwell Strangler. Erskine was born in Hammersmith in July 1963 to a British mother and Antiguan father. Erskine has three brothers. He was abandoned by both parents during childhood and attended various special schools. His parents divorced when he was 12. He became homeless.
cutenose  3/1/2017
Kenneth Weishuhn was an American teenager who is known for his suicide as a result of bullying for being a gay youth. Kenneth James "Rodney" Weishuhn Jr. Attended South O'Brien High School as a freshman in Paullina, Iowa, along with his sister Kayla, a sophomore. Weishuhn, then 14 years old, was bullied in person, death threats were sent to his mobile phone, and he was the subject of a Facebook hate group. He was targeted for being gay, having come out one month before his suicide. The bullying was characterized as "aggressive", "merciless" and "overwhelming". In response to the bullying, Weishuhn took his own life in April 2012. He hanged himself in the family's garage and was discovered in the early morning hours on April 15, 2012 by stepfather Kenny Chambers.
cutenose  6/1/2017
Ken Shamrock full name Kenneth Wayne Shamrock a WWF wrestler in the late 90s and one of the greatest UFC fighters of all time.
Clark_Herm  2/5/2018

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