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It is a Kiswahili word meaning Animal Horn.
-- Kasi  3/11/2007
Love this name. I think it's very cute for a little girl but still approriate for a grown up. I named my little girl Kenya Marjorie.
-- Anonymous User  6/27/2007
Kenya is also a boy's name in Japanese.
-- pocho-mole  3/7/2008
Sorry, but it annoys me when parents name their kids this. At least white people won't likely use this one, but it doesn't sound very credible on any black girl either. What are the chances she has any connection to the country? What are the chances her parents know anything about the country? My guess is that they just like the sound. Too bad people who know something about the country will have associations to the country itself, and they're not necessarily positive. This one's tacky and will give the person with it credibility issues.
-- slight night shiver  4/26/2008
I have a friend with the name Kenia, pronounced Kenya. I like it and find it very unique.
-- Naphtahalia  10/5/2008
I think it's pretty, but I don't think it's very appropriate to name your kid after a country.
-- number1212  5/15/2009
Very tacky and trashy, and Kenya is a pretty poor country despite being quite lovely. It also sounds too masculine with the "ken" in it.
-- bananarama  10/28/2009
I am surprised that there are such strong feeling against this name. I like it a lot and I would consider naming a future daughter Kenya (and I'm white, btw). It's not trashy! It sounds romantic, creative and unique. You don't have to have a personal connection to the country to use it. Maybe it represents travel, worldliness, or adventure. Do you have to be born in April to be named April?
-- emily  12/22/2009
Normally I don't like place names or names that are sort of "made up" and not traditionally used that way. But I happen to think this is really pretty.
-- Anonymous User  11/11/2010
Actress and model Kenya Moore bears this name. She was also the second black woman that was crowned Miss USA in 1993.
-- Anonymous User  4/14/2011
It seems strange to name a kid after a country, town, state, etc. But if the place is very important to you I see no reason why you can't name your kid after it. Kenya does sound pretty. :)
-- Gio123  8/10/2013
I think this name sounds fugly and trashy. I knew a Kenya when I was in primary school who was a rude, immature troublemaker (she was white, not black).
-- InazumaElevenFangirl  7/3/2014
My name is Kenya and everyone I meet believes it is a beautiful name! I am glad to be named Kenya. FYI I am white. I am not named after the country Kenya, but my mom thought it was a pretty name so I was named... Kenya! I love this name.
-- Anonymous User  5/6/2015
My best friend's name is Kenya, thank you very much. I think it is a pretty name and I am really mad on how you guys are reacting to this name. I am considering to name my daughter Kenya, when I am older. You guys need to stop the hate!
-- elkhillschic  5/6/2015

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