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Hawaiian alternative for John. It means "The righteous one". Also found as "Keony", but Hawaiian alphabet doesn't include the 'y'.
Ruffnekk  12/15/2004
This name is so cool! But, while it would be cute on younger boys, I can't see a fifty-something year old man with this name.
Georgia_kh  4/24/2007
My friend has this name, and I don't think it's childish or "young-sounding" at all. It's definitely a rare name, but it isn't awkard-sounding or hard to pronounce, which is nice.
akheil  9/10/2007
On Lilo and Stitch the Series, this was the name of a boy on whom Lilo had a crush.
Broadway Baby  10/29/2013
I was surprised by this variant. It's so different from the other ones! I like it.
brunosprak  8/4/2015

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