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Kerr Smith is an actor.
― Anonymous User  10/3/2005
This name has long been associated with the Gaelic Cearr meaning 'wrong'/'awkward' or left handed, and the Kerr's were popularly supposed to be left handed (several castles owned by Kerrs have left handed turnpike stairs which suggests that this might be true). In Scotland if you're left handed you might get called Kerry or Corry fisted deriving from the same word.
reniannen17  7/16/2008
I'm not sure about in Scotland but in North Carolina where we have a lot of people with Scottish ancestry it is generally said KAHR.
YMPvt  8/10/2008
This is my cousin's name, and even here in Scotland it's quite unusual to find it as a given name; I've never met another Kerr in almost 30 years!
Caledonia558  1/16/2010
Given to 5 boys in America in 2000.
cutenose  2/23/2016

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